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Franklin mint Elizabeth Taylor collection

Franklin mint Elizabeth Taylor collection
Franklin mint only made 4 Heirloom Porcelain Dolls of Elizabeth 1987 ,89 ,90 and 03

Elizabeth's first cameo appearance was in1942  There is one born every minute she was 9 years old

She was in a total of 60 plus films mainly in the1950's and 60's
1980's she in television the last two films were in 2001
Her Legendary Debut for m g m studios
National velvet 1944
Elizabeth Taylor spent four months working to get. The film subsequently turned out to be a huge hit
that pulled in more than $4 million and made the 12-year-old actress a huge star.
1940s Movies Photograph - National Velvet, Elizabeth Taylor, 1944 by Everett
The first doll for Franklin Heirloom Dolls Franklin Heirloom Doll Elizabeth Taylor as Velvet Brown in National Velvet
She  is made of fine bisque porcelain she is an original work delicately hand painted with
her legendary violet eyes  a peaches and cream complexions that radiates with excitement
she has a youthful spirit with a captivating smile and lustrous raven hair
 she  is vibrantly costumed with a shimmering red and yellow satin riding cap
with a shimmering  red silk with yellow sleeves shirt decorated with red satin buttons
she wears shimmering white satin ascot  jodhpurs trimmed with pearl beads
she carries a genuine leather and suede crop and saddle with solid sterling silver stirrups
she is finished with high gloss painted on boots
She is hall marked 1971
She Stands  17 1/2" Tall
Doll reader Sept 1987

Father of the Bride 1950
Elizabeth Taylor as Kay Banks
Elizabeth Taylor, MGM's top young actress at the time

was only 17 years old
Her gown is a recreation of the gown designed  by  Helen Rose worn by Elizabeth  in the movie

She is a breath taking 22"porcelain Doll
Crafted in fine bisque porcelain meticulously hand painted with
her legendary deep violet eyes and a flawless fair complexion short curly raven hair and bright glossy red lips
Her white satin gown satin  has a full under skirt of chantilly lace overlayed with a white shimmering satin 
full length trained off the shoulder bridle coat with long sleeves which tiers to a short waist
and decorated with pearl buttons 
She is completed with a fine tulle veil trimed with lace crowned with a bridal cap
trimed with a garland of white silk flowers and pearl drop earrings
She carries a white bouquet of silk lily of the valley  flowers trimed with ribbons
She Stands 22" Tall
No Advertisement can be found for this doll
Only images from a poster Released 1989






Elizabeth Taylor as Egypt's Queen Cleopatra
Based on the Elizabeth Taylor character in the 1963 Oscar winning film

one of the best Cleopatra dolls ever made
Costume designer Renie Conley won the 1963 Academy Award
for Best Costume Design (along with Irene Sharaff and Vittorio Nino Novarese),
for her creation of Taylor's stunning gowns

She is created in fine bisque porcelain her face is hand painted her exquisite features
to highlight her expressive green eyes which are boldly shadowed with pearlescent
Aqua and deeply under lined with black  just as they wore in Ancient Egypt
This great queen is regally gown in  her skirt is full length royal blue satin
 embellished with 5 swirling cobras appliqued with golden braid  and trimmed in gold
Her bodice is a three piece snake skin vest joined with gold piping and braid and
Accented with a golden eagle
 her cape is pleated glistening gold lame with her shoulders capped with snake skin
trimmed  with royal blue satin and gold edging
 she wears a splendid necklace of painted sapphire beads with golden beaded droplets
 her raven hair is crowned with two elaborately painted rich Enamels and 22kt golden cobras
she carries in her hand a 22kt gold ancient musical instrument called a sistrum
 she wears two decorative bracelets one is of a pair of intertwining golden serpents
She stands 21" Tall
Premier Porcelain Collection
her poster is dated Feb 1991
Dolls magazine march 1992



Elizabeth Taylor porcelain portrait doll 2003
The last porcelain portrait Doll of Elizabeth is a  identical to the vinyl 2003
publicity  portrait photograph  by bob willoughby1957
 Portrait of British-born actress Elizabeth Taylor 1957

She is dressed in a dark jade or teal green chiffon full length gown
her whole bodice is beautifully gathered (shirred) all the way around
to the rear and finishes at the waist with shirred shoulder straps which
are designed to scoop under the bust line and over shoulder on the other side
her full length skirt is plain with a rear over skirt that cascades with a train
she carries a white satin clutch purse trimmed in metallic silver
and  carries a white faux fur Stoll she has what appears to be a 24kt
gold wedding band painted on her finger
and she is completed with a set of silver diamond studded droplet earrings
finished with a pearl and teal green high heal sandals
she stands 17" tall




winter catalogue 2004

Franklin mint decided to finished the series in the 2000's in vinyl
 Franklin mint  used her 1954/55 image's to make a vinyl portrait
which has a striking resemblance to Elizabeth during the 1950's
again only three vinyl Dolls were made  LAST 3 were ensembles only
She was the most beautiful women in the world
and 60 films to her credit and endless out fits to choose from
they could have made many more

  Elizabeth Taylor vinyl portrait doll
A Place in the Sun 1951 
She is  a loving tribute with state of the art technology used to create this life like vinyl doll
she is fully pose able and seamless with bendable arms and legs with a twist and turn waist
Her gown is a recreation of the gown designed  by Edith Head worn by Elizabeth
 in the motion picture

She wears a  magnificent strapless white ball gown
with her bodice is highly decorated with organza flowers centred with pearls and crystals
with the bodice tightly wrapped  with tulle
her skirt overlayed with layers of tulle decorated with matching flowers centred with pearls and crystals
she is completed with white slip on high heel sandals and pearl earrings
She Stands 16" Tall
Doll reader Sept 2001

Elizabeth Taylor vinyl portrait doll

Cat on a Hot Tin Roof 1958

Elizabeth by costume portrait photo by Virgil Apger
Her gown is a recreation of the gown designed by Helen Rose
She is crafted in life like vinyl beautifully painted high lighting her legendary violet eyes
She is fully pose able and seamless with bendable arms and legs with a twist and turn waist
She wears a simple knee length chiffon party dress overlaying a silk under skirt
accented with a white belt and white high heel pumps
she is decorated with a beautiful silver chained heart shaped pendant
pearl studded with pearl clustered earrings and finished with two silver bangles
She Stands 16" Tall




Elizabeth Taylor vinyl portrait doll
Giant 1956
 photos for giant on the set by Sid Avery and frank worth 

Her gown is a recreation of the gown designed  by moss mabry worn by Elizabeth  in the motion picture


She is crafted in life like vinyl beautifully painted high lighting her legendary violet eyes
She is fully pose able and seamless with bendable arms and legs with a twist and turn waist

She wears a vibrant pink floor length plisse (crimped) Chiffon gown with a beautifully wrapped shoulder line
her bodice is decorated with two shades of dark and light pink silk flowers centred with pearl beads
her waist is wrapped with silk chiffon and she carries matching pink chiffon wrap
She is finished with  matching silk flowers in her hair pink sandals on her feet
a stunning 5 row pearl bracelet and pearl studded with gold  droplet earrings
She Stands 16" Tall
The photos of Elizabeth in the pink dress is are stills taken scenes in the film
Franklin catalogue Christmas 2002

Ensembles only
There is only 6 ensemble to the collection
the first 4 were released 2002

White gown ensemble # 503  (A Place in the Sun)

Giant ensemble # 349

Cat on a Hot Tin Roof ensemble #948

Butterfeild 8 ensemble #913

Butterfeild 8 1960

Famous for been the only woman in history to be in a filmed in a slip
a risky role for Elizabeth it was never done before or since making this scene the
most iconic   image ever and the most remembered

Costume designed by  Helen Rose when style was needed
Elizabeth turned to Helen Rose Elizabeth could turn simple into sexy
very simple replica of the white silk slip worn in both cat on a hot tin roof
and Butterfeild 8 differing  only by shoulder straps and colour of lace
franklin mint white satin slip is sewn to be form fitting around the hips and under the bust
she has white shoe string shoulder straps her bodice and hem are trimmed
with pale peach lace
she can wear or carry a stunning replica satin lined mink coat
with the classic lark lines mimicking the sew lines on the genuine fur coat
with the large rolled collar and oversized cuffs
out fit is completed with a gold purse and gold pumps and pearl studded earrings


Southern belle  #267   2003
Elizabeth Taylor in "Rain tree County"1957
 by photographer Bob Willoughby

Rain tree County, Indiana set during the American Civil war
Costume Design by Walter Plunkett.

 The southern belle period style costume has a pink bodice
has a low cut neckline  trimmed with white embroidered  scalloped  ruffled trim
with a overlay of white lace inlayed with pink ribbon
her bell shaped sleeves double layered with the same embroidered scalloped trim 
her long white skirt has an over skirt in sheer shimmering white chiffon  edged
with the same embroidered scalloped trim with her skirt trimmed
 with lace and highlighted with pink ribbon with her hem is decorated with
satin pink ribbon rosettes her gown is finished with a large double satin pink ribbon
bow at the rear and finished with white shoes and gold diamond centred
The doll  dose not appear to have been given the parasol  or bonnet Elizabeth was given
she stands 16" tall
Christmas 2003

Classic burgandy ensemble  #258

Elizabeth Taylor in Rhapsody 1954Elizabeth Taylor by Virgil Apger, publicity still for “Rhapsody”, 1954.

Her gown is a recreation of the gown designed  by Helen Rose worn by Elizabeth
 in the motion picture Rhapsody 1954

She wears a Stunning burgundy velvet full length gown her gown has a gathered
velvet overlay adorning her bust line and centred with a silver and gold brooch
her skirt is form fitting with a pleated in fishtail which adorns the bottom of her gown
at her waist to the rear she wears a attachable full length burgundy velvet train
she dose not have the over coat Elizabeth wore
she only finished with white satin elbow length gloves red and gold droplet
earrings and gold high heel shoes


Advertised after 2004 origin unknown

Elegant peach ensemble#749

Elephant Walk 1954

 Elizabeth Taylor still from honeymoon scene taken from film
Elizabeth Taylor in 'Elephant Walk' (1954)  costume by Edith Head

She wore some stunning gowns in this film
Franklin mint only used one the opening scene
She wears a sheer chiffon peach full length Peignoir  gathered at the wrist
with frilled cuffs over a lined chiffon peach negligee highly gathered
over the bust line trimmed with lace and ribbon
her nighty has a tightly  fitted waist with a sheer chiffon peach full length
skirt over a peach under skirt simply gather at the waist decorated with ribbon
her out fit is completed with matching peach slippers
she is finished with a set of pearl stud earrings





 This is a advertisement of all the ensembles
year unknown

you will find different numbers on each of the ensembles depending on which advertisement you are looking at



this dress is a mixture mauves very pale sheer chiffon or organza
over a white skirt and mauve lace


this dress is overlayed with metallic white chiffon
with a gold and white sequined belt 
look on google  fabric colour

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