Catalogues by year

The Franklin mint Exclusive collectors preview catalogue 1995

The Exclusive heirloom catalogue1995

The Exclusive holiday catalogue1995

Franklin Heirloom dolls Christmas catalogue 1996

Franklin Heirloom Preview 1997

The Exclusive Spring collection 1997

The Collectors Choice Holiday 1997

The Collectors Choice Winter 1998
The collectors -

The Franklin mint 1998 Holiday

The franklin Mint Summer Collection 1999

Franklin mint Collectors Choice Spring 2000

2 Collector Choice catalogues 2000

The Franklin mint Holiday Collection 2000

The franklin mint spring catalogue 2002

The Franklin mint Christmas catalogue 2002

The Franklin mint-Spring Catalogue 2003

The Franklin mint Summer Catalogue 2003

The Franklin mint Early Fall 2003

The Franklinmint  Holiday-Preview Catalogue 2003

Franklin-mint Christmas Catalogues 1 and 2 2003

The Franklin mint 2004 Early winter doll Collection

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  1. This is the most helpful and comprehensive site for Franklin Heirloom Doll collectors and those needing to know more.
    In my research, I ran into a different type of FHD catalog with ONLY clothing ensembles. One page excerpt can be seen on this site: It was called "Forever Love Costume Collection".