A bit about me

A bit about me

my name is Therese

I was not always a doll collector in fact I never collected until I
found eBay

 I stumbled across The  franklin Gibson girl anniversary heirloom bride doll
and she took my breath away

The next thing you know I bought the whole series
and I have all the 15 dolls plus the 4  Franklin Coca-Cola Gibson ladies
but I did not discover  these  dolls until 2010
since then I have been slowly collecting all the advertisements
The reason I started was I loved the dolls so much that I just wanted
to know as much as I could about the dolls
because  I noticed the year of release is not mention anywhere

so I  started  buying a decades worth of doll reader magazines
and have found not all the dolls were advertised
I found this quite strange given franklin was a mail order company
and advertising was paramount
so I have now been trying to track down all the franklin Doll catalogues
in my quest I have only managed to find almost 5 years worth
I am still trying to find the first 5 years 1990 to 1994

I have been searching for 5 years and there is no information
no web sites or blogs to be found any where

I now feel deeply that this information is important and can not be lost
That is what this blog is all about
I have taken photos of all the dolls in natural sunlight at the same time each day
so the natural light would high light there face
I have also taken photos of every page of the 33 page catalogues paying more attention
to the written words so they are clear and readable that's why some may be crooked
I have placed each doll in her own album in alphabetical order as it was easier
to keep track and each catalogue with there title and year as I approach the years 2000
the years are not there I only found the year by looking at estate release date for Marilyn
you will find all the albums on https://picasaweb.google.com/home
the images are better viewed as a full screen and the images are there to be saved


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