Thursday, 2 August 2018

Franklin mint dolls by Irene Spencer

                    Franklin mint dolls by Irene Spencer

A Mothers Love 1986
The first doll ever created by irene spencer
she wanted the dolls to be as beautiful and everything a collector
would look for in there first doll she choose the 19th century
she also wanted the costumes to be especially as beautiful
she is crafted in fine bisque porcelain with a fair complextion
beautiful blue eyes with gibson style  red hair
accented with a garland of pink and white satin roses
A Mothers Love is dressed  in a lovely pink jacquard gown
trimmed with white lace she has the classic puffed sleeve
elegantly trimmed with lace her bodice is decorated with
pearls and her collar is trimmed with lace and decorated with a simple
gold brooch
she holds her blue wide eyed infant child wearing a white Victorian baby dress trimmed
with white lace
she stands 19" tall
her  baby is 6" long.
doll reader Feb 1988

Devotion 1987
Designed by Irene spencer
A stunningly beautiful doll portraying a colonial mother with her infant child
she is crafted in fine bisque porcelain with a fair complexion
she is maliciously hand painted with more attention to detail with her
beautiful blue grey eyes and the Gibson style  blonde hair with a lovely fringe
and gorgeous large curls highlighting her face her hair is trimmed with a
lilac plated ribbon
she is dressed in a authentic style colonial gown in a  mauve brocade cotton
her skirt is full and gathered at the waist her skirt finishes just short of her
feet revealing a white under skirt
she has 3/4 length sleeves trimmed with large white ruffles
plain bodice she is only decorated by a white frilled  scarf around her neck
she holds her sleeping infant in her arms  wearing a white cotton dress
trimmed with wide pink ribbon around her waist
she wears  lace trimmed bonnet decorated with a pink ribbon
 Devotion is Approx. 21 inches with stand.  Baby is 7 inches
never seen a advertisement for this doll
she is also hard to find


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