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The Rarest Franklin mint Dolls

These are The Rarest Franklin mint Dolls
There is no information
or Advertising to be found
Dates are unknown or not confirmed
images are from ebay and ebay Archives
More Dolls will be added as they are found

Lady Cecily Ashworth
This doll is identical  to amy from little women
Designed by David & Elizabeth Emanuel
This is the first doll ever created by David & Elizabeth Emanuel
Designers of princess Diana’s wedding dress
proprietors of one of London’s most exciting and fashionable couturier houses
Dressed for an afternoon at the world-famous Chelsea flower show
Lady Cecily Ashworth is as lovely as blossoms on display
She is crafted of fine bisque porcelain and beautifully hand painted
She has a fair complextion with grey eyes and blond hair
Her dainty dress is made of the finest white lawn and is trimmed in
delicate eyelet embroidery and pink satin. Its pink satin sash is matched by satin roses
that accent the billowy eyelet ruffles that frill the quaint, old-fashioned bloomers
She  Stands 16” Tall


The very first doll released for Franklin mint
by the National Historical Society
She is crafted of fine bisque porcelain and beautifully hand painted with brown eyes
raven hair she wears a historicaly correct out fit
she wears a plain blue dress  simple in design enhanced only by the gathered
waist line and a white collar edged  with scaloped lace adorned with a traditional
cameo broch she wears a colonial white hat gathered and frilled
This doll dose not stand she sits on her own windsor wooden chair
while she holds her geniune platium needle to sews the original 13 star colony flag
geniune replica
She is 20" Tall Sitting down
This doll is listed as vintage 1988?


still not sure if this doll is a franklin mint
Phantom of the Opera
Franklin mint Set of  Two Phantom of the Opera Heirloom Dolls
Featuring  Christine and the  Phantom 2002
Their costumes are meticulously detailed, fashioned after the actual costumes worn in the scene.
Their are both crafted in fine porcelain with exquisite features that are almost life-like
Christine has been crafted with almost a shocked look on her face
She is meticulously hand painted with georgeous brown eyes
she has the loveliest long  raven hair with spiral curls that adorn her face
 Phantom  also meticulously hand painted with large brown eyes and bushy eye brows
he is very fair in his complextion while the other side of his face is covered
with a white porcelian mask
 Christine wears a white  dressing gown  of polyester Silky habutai with a luxuriously silky flow
with her neckline and 3/4 lenght sleeves adorned with several rows of lace
The gown has a stitch closing to keep the front of her gown in a flowing motion and is also tied
with a white ribbon around her waistline.
underneath she wears a camisole in dark red and green velvet trimmed with elaborate gold braiding
She wears knee length white matching pantaloons and her
shoes are molded-on white heeled pumps with a wonderful bow on the front of each
Christine is 14.5 inches tall.
The phantom
wears a black three piece linen tuxedo with long tails and vest with a elegant long black satin cape
 his cape is decorated around the neck with black glossy beads and is tied with black cord
 his shirt is trimmed with pearls and his cuffs on the coat is trimmed with black velvet
he is finished with a large gold ring in hand-painted gold and he molded-on black lace up boots
he is not complete with out his course half-face mask
The Phantom doll is 15.5 inches tall
 This set of dolls can be posed many ways
 The phantom behind Christine with his arms holding her waist,
or you can have them face one another.
The dolls are mounted on an oval black musical platform that is made by the officially POTO licensed company
 "The Really Useful Group Ltd." When you press in the beautiful gold button
(inscribed with the logo "The Phantom of the Opera", the beautiful 'Music of the Night'
song by Andrew Lloyd Webber plays, beautifully sung by Michael Crawford,
who played the Phantom of the Opera on Broadway.
 Both dolls depict the captivation scene from the actual sage performance.
Franklin Mint did a superb job of capturing the romance and haunting beauty of both characters
and this exquisite piece seems to even show the intense feelings between them.
the base requires 3 AA batteries
just placed 3 new  batteries in the voice base and pushed the button and it works beautifully
Overall Their height is about 18" Tall
The Platform is 9 inches across and 2 inches high


Bride Of the Summer Palace
Designed by the house of Faberge

She is crafted of fine bisque porcelain and beautifully hand painted.
with beautiful deep blue eyes, pink blushed cheeks
She has dark auburn hair styled to the likeness of the Gibson Girl
she wears a tailored pale peach satin gown overlayed with off white fine embroided bridel tulle
her bodice and collar is decorated with embroided lace and trimmed with pearls
her puffed sleeves are trimmed with satin bows  decorated with pearl droplets
Her floor lenght veil is gathered at the top and accented with faux pearls
and edged with satin ribbon
she wears a wonderful tulle petticoat lace trimmed Victorian pantaloons
She wears painted on heeled shoes that have an embossed porcelain ribbon on the front
She Stands 18.5" Tall
her c.o.a dates her 1991
She is hall marked with the old FM insignia on her neck
with the cursive letter 'f' with the cursive letter 'm' in the center of the 'f'
I belive this doll to be part of the romanov collection

Hillary The Manhattan Heiress 1991
It is a spectacular night in New York City
 A glistening moon bathes Central Park in a soft light,
 as a lone horse and carriage waits idly by to take young couple on a romantic ride
through the greatest city in the world.
Across from Central Park, the splendorous Plaza Hotel is bustling with activity.
 Sleek automobiles deliver gorgeous couples to the Plaza's luxurious lobby,
for tonight is the night of The Society Ball.
The romance and magic of this spectacular night comes alive
 in an extraordinary collector doll HILLARY The Manhattan Heiress
 Ravishingly  dressed for the Society Ball
Hillary is the first porcelain doll ever presented by The Plaza Hotel.
She is Crafted in fine bisque porcelian  delicatly hand painted features
her face with pink blush her eyes grey blue her lips glossy red  she almost appears
to be talking to someone her raven hair is styled to the  1940's era
with the classic  high rolled up frindge
She wears a wears a designer original strapless gown
of lined black  moire silk blend gown which shows a watery affect
her gown has a linned off the shoulder bodice that wraps arounds her
joins at the front to leave a sweetheart neck line
she wears a full skirt with a black moire overlay lined with hot pink satin
which is short at the front and extends to floor lenght at the rear
her gown is finished with a matching hot pink satin sash around her waist
decorated with a large rosette
her long white gloves are high gloss porcelian trimmed with a 3 row pearl
braclet with matching pearl earings
She is completed  with small pillbox hat decorated with a large hot pink
rosette and trimed with black netting
She Stands 19"Tall
description and dated is directly from coa found on ebay sold items

Arianna Princessof the Sea 1992
Designed by Lynn Lupetti
She is crafted in fine bisque porcelain
with a face sculpt very similar to cinderella but with much more
hand painted detail around her green eyes
She has lovely very long flowing strawberryblonde hair
with her arms are stretched out, as if she is "commanding the sea."
She wears a white  gown adorned with sequines and pearls
She wears a off white knitted top with long sleeves with a boat neckline
adorned with hand sewn gold sequins her neckline  are
decorated with twistered strands of pearls
her sleeves are wraped with strands of pearls with iridescent sparkeling mauve and
turquoise organza floor lenght scarfs which hang from her cuffs
her waist is trimmed with pearls and hand sewn appliquies of mauve seashells
and turquoise starfish
she wears a shimmering white satin full lenght pleated skirt lined with
turquoise organza
 her hem has been  stiffened to reveal the turquoise organza shaped into
the waves of the ocean
she is completed with a twisted pearl headband decorated with cryatal beads
She Stands 19"Tall
dated from ebay sold items
Stating poster/ Boucher dated 1992

Franklin Mint The Gibson Girls A Mother 's Pride and Joy
Designed by Bob Mackie
A mother strolls with her daughter and shows a tender display of maternal tenderness.
She is crafted in fine bisque porcelain with a highly expressive face
she is meticulously hand painted with a lovely fair complexion
with blue grey glass inset eyes and acrylic eyes lashes
she dose not have the classic Gibson hair style she dose have gorgeous
shoulder length ash blond curly hair with short straight fringe
She wears a beautiful tailored  Aquamarine coloured crepe suit
her jacket has 3/4 bell sleeves edged with Aquamarine satin
her jacket is trimmed and decorated with shimmering Aquamarine  woven  cord trim
with a pleated frilled waist
She wears a satin cream shirt overlayed with embroidered lace
gathered at the cuffs
her full length skirt is panelled on the front and highlighted with a satin edge
the skirt is decorated with a pleated insert at the bottom and trimmed with cord
her out fit is completed with a gold trimmed cameo on her neck
and a bonnet decorated with cream lace and cord and  apricot feathers
her daughter is also crafted in fine bisque porcelain with a mature little face
with the same glass inset eyes as her mother blue grey with acrylic eyes lashes only at the top
the bottom are painted on and she has platinum blonde long curly hair
she wears a apricot crepe dress trimmed with cream lace
decorated with a large waist and with bow to the rear
and large  iridescent pink bow on the front
She carries a little doll in her hands
They share a beautiful wooden stand
Mother Stands 20 " Tall.
The daughter Stands 12.25 " Tall 
 The base measures
12.5 inches long, and 9.75 inches wide





Madame Lenora
Franklin Mint gypsy doll
designed by Jean Dixon
She is Jeanne Dixon's first ever heirloom doll and is rare and hard to find.
She is sculpted of fine bisque porcelain with a very delicate features
she is meticulously hand painted with purple eyes
She has  beautiful long black hair
She wears a elaborate and brightly coloured chiffon gown
her blouse is a loose fitting gathered fuchsia chiffon
with puffed sleeves gathered at the cuff and edged with a embroidered brocade black silk cuffs
her neckline is trimmed with embroidered metallic gold braid decorated with gold coins
her skirt is made of layers of scarfs in lilac crepe de chine over fuchsia over turquoise green
her waist is wrapped in gold lame mixed with periwinkle blue organza edged in gold
revealing a long black embroidered brocade silk scarf in gold pinks and blues
the scarf is trimmed with turquoise tassels
She is finished with beautifully hand painted sandals
and a beautiful head scarf of twisted fuchsia and turquoise and large gold hoop earrings
and she carries her trademark crystal ball
She Stands 19"Tall

The Snow queen  
by Gerald Borm Premier Edition
Inspired by a painting of the famous Gothic Fantasy Artist Gerald Brom
She is a stunning creation her face is so beautiful but then all evils queens are
She is crafted in fine bisque porcelain meticulously hand painted with so much detail
to her face her are violet grey with dark grey under her eyes and dark violet eyeshadow
She has long wavy raven hair
She wears a white velvet gown with a very low v neck line trimmed with metallic gold braid
adorned with a gold and red amulet she has long sleeves with
sheer white chiffon gathered at the cuffs trimmed with feathers with attached floor lenght scarfs
Her floor lenght skirt is split in the front and trains to the rear and is lavishly
decorated just under waist with rows of glistening crystal beads that wrap around her body
her waist is trimed with a wide gold braided floor lenght dropbelt
centre with a gold and ruby amulet and her hem is adorned with white marabou feathers
her gown is completed with a white cape line with gold lame and edged with gold rope braid
the neckline of her cape is adorned with strands of pearls her cape is held with a gold
chain with gold ruby encrusted pendant
She is completed with a extrodinary gold crown centred with a ruby
She holds her gold handeled crystal wand in one hand with  a brass vessel of potions in the other
her lace up shoes are moulded porcelian painted in high gloss watery pearl white
She Stands 22" Tall
dose not appear to be any advertising
year unknown not seen before 2004
coa sign by linda resnick franklin mint sold 03
doll must be between these years jan 05?
i also can not find limmited how many

 would not normally recently made doll 2003 under the rare listing
but this doll was the only doll made and now is very hard to find
there is another doll  recently made not seen before 2004 possibly 05 or later
also the only one ever made making her extreamly rare
snow queen by broom
The Roman Empress Vinyl Fashion Doll 16" 2003  fall

Born a slave, her beauty won the heart of the most powerful emperor in the world.
 As the beloved empress, her deeds won the hearts of the Roman people.
  But when the tender touch of passion for another captured her own heart,
which would Empress Julia choose....the promise of true love.....or her loyalty to Rome?"
She is crafted in life like vinyl and is fully pose able
She has a original face sculpt not seen on other dolls
She presented by Franklin Mint in her coronation gown
wearing a gold charmuse one shouldered floor length gown overlayed on the bodice with
 a layer of gold charmuse trimmed with gold thread and metallic gold beads
her gown requires a red sari with a lavish metallic gold print that drapes over one
shoulder around her back and over her arm her sari is trimmed with gold beads
she is finished with a trained full length veil of burgundy chiffon with a lightly gold print
her veil is trimmed with gold thread and held in place with a gold crown
She is completed with red and gold beaded necklace ,
a golden arm cuff and gold lace up sandals
She Stands 16" Tall

She has been given 3 separate ensembles
and a hair accessory pack for each occasion

Gladiator Game ensemble

Eternal Love ensemble
Palladium Banquet ensemble
 hair accessory pack
The Gladiator ensemble is a full length white crepe gown gathered under the bust line
with short open sleeves  attached on the arms with gold clips
her gown is decorated on the side with gold appliques
This gown requires a braided cord twisted in gold and blue that wraps her body
starting just under the bust crisscrossing around her bodice then crisscrossing over her hips
her gown is completed with a sari or wrap of royal blue chiffon
She is given her a golden arm cuff and gold lace up sandals
no jewellery with this ensemble


Eternal Love ensemble is a stunning red charmuse one shouldered floor length gown
trimmed only around her neck and arm with wide gold braided ribbon
decorated on her skirt with a pleated full length plisse
her gown has a slight train at the rear
This out fit is simple only decorated with a golden braided belt and buckle
she is finished a sheer metallic gold organza wrap
A crown of metallic gold paint leaves decorated with gold beads
She is given a gold bangle and  gold lace up sandals

Palladium Banquet ensemble
she wears a  white charmuse  gown
the bodice has a low v neck and is lined
her sleeves are 3/4 and open   attached on the arms with gold beads
her shirt is wrapped on the front to reveal pleats on one side at the hem
her gown is overlayed with a 3/4 length green organza with a black print
and hemmed with metallic gold braid
her gown is finished with a gold braided belt with buckle
and a white chiffon veil edged with metallic gold braid
and held with a golden crown
she is completed with a large multi coloured crystal black beaded necklace
with earring to match and  gold lace up sandals