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Franklin mint Doll Collection Celestrial Angle's 1987 to 2010

      Franklin Mint Celestial Angle collection
1987 to 2010 



The Celestial Angel  - The Conductor
 designed by  Maryse Nicole 1991?
The Celestial Angel is the conductor of the of the divine ensemble.
This Bisque porcelain angel, with hand-painted accents,
 is dressed in a gown of white satin covered with blue chiffon and has been trimmed in gold lame.
  A golden halo radiates with faux sapphire's and etched musical symbols.
 She stands approx. 20" tall.






The Christmas winter Angel
This Bisque porcelain Angel, with hand-painted accents,
 is dressed in a rich white satin gown hand decorated with gold lacing.
The dolls halo is genuine 24 Karat electroplated gold with
 Removable Wings, Halo, Mandolin
Brand: Franklin Mint Company
she stands Aprox. 17" tall

Dolls magazine Oct 1987


Heralding Angel
This Bisque porcelain angel, with hand-painted accents,
 She has a very lovely face with serene expression,
beautifully moulded features with finely detailed and painted eyes, eye shadow, closed lips and lovely blush.she has a full head of long, thick curly auburn red  hair, her feet bare

She wears a long flowing silver gown with long, silver-lined sleeves, caught up "Juliet-style"
with silver cord and a sheer overlay of sparkling silver netting. Her gown has a double trimmed neckline of
 "diamonds". Her large, silver pleated wings are removable as is her beautiful halo. Her silver halo is encrusted with
 pearls and she holds a separate silver metal horn,

she stands approx 18 inch tall

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The Angle of Harmony
This gorgeous angel doll is an original design,
 and is crafted in hand-painted bisque porcelain.
She is hand-painted with hazel eyes. 
 Her face  is framed by delicate braid and dark silky curls that fall gracefully to her waist.
This lovely “heavenly” Angel of Harmony
  She is costumed in rich purple moir'e embellished with gold lame and shimmering golden lace.
She has magnificent 3-tiered wings of golden brocade
Her gown is accented by wings of gold lame and a halo are removable.  Her feet are bare.
in her hands she holds a harp
she stands approximately 18” tall.

 She is Halled Marked 1990


Victorian Angle
 designed by  Maryse Nicole
A Celestial beauty dressed in the soft lines of the Victorian era
dressed in luxurious pink satin with gold satin lined sleeves  and lace trim
 Her gown is accented by wings of gold lame and a halo are removable.  Her feet are bare.
she carries a gold French horn
she stands approximately 19" tall

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Noel The Christmas Angle
This Bisque porcelain angel, with hand-painted accents,
she dressed in a rich red fabric lined with shimmering gold lame.

She has magnificent 3-tiered wings of golden brocade
designed after the gowns rendered by the great masters in the finest paintings of all time
she has a sweeping under skirt of brillant green and gold
her waist is tied with golden braided ties with jingle bells attached
  In her  hands, she holds sparkling holiday Bells
 tied with colorful ribbons of red & green.

She stands approximately 19” tall

Franklin mint Preview catalogue 1995




The Rejoicing angle
This Bisque porcelain Angel, with hand-painted accents has lustrous auburn hair
 hand styled to frame her face topped with a golden halo
her wings are golden leaves with sparking tulle
in her hands is a hand made wood violin
she wears opulent green velvet and taffeta accented with gold lace
and hand tied rosettes
she stands 19" tall






Raphael a the Angle of Glad Tidings
designed by  Maryse Nicole
This Bisque porcelain angel, with hand-painted accents
green glass eyes
she wears shimmering taffeta and velvet trimmed with golden braid
embellished gold metallic faux pearls and intricate netting
she wears a coppery lame leaves in her auburn hair
her wing are a sparkling organza
she carries a wooden lute
she stands 19 " tall
doll reader Nov 1994

Doll reader 1994




Celeste the Angle of Good Will

designed by  Maryse Nicole
This Bisque porcelain angel, with hand-painted accents
with glass blue eyes with real eyelashes
she wears metallic organza sculpted brocade adorned
with embroidered rose velvet and golden venetian lace
her wings are genuine feathers her wings are Removable
The gown has button sleeves with a 3/4 ruffle,
The hem is trimmed with gold and sequin lace, the back has brocade insert and two velvet tails
with gold ‘fruit’ embellishments at the sides.
 She carries a brass harp

 She stands 18 1/2" tall
Franklin mint catalogue Christmas  1996




The Angel of Hope

by the house of Faberge
this doll is fully jointed and sculptured entirely hand painted porcelian
she has glass inset eyes she is dressed in taffeta and organza
which highlights the pink lavender and blues
she has hand applied gold appliques with cystal beads
her wings are hand painted porcelian
she stands 28 " tall

Doll Reader Jan 1997
 Franklin mint catalogue spring 1997

Angel of the Emerald Isle Doll
Lovingly crafted of fine porcelain with hand painted features,
 movable head that can be posed in any number of beguiling ways.
 Her crown glory - strawberry blonde hair, and adorned by a miniature sculptured shamrock tiara.
 A vision in layers of green and white chiffon.
Rich golden embroidery adds a heavenly touch, and feathered wings sparkle with glitter.
Angelic beauty, complete with Celtic cross  Necklace
she is hand numbered.   
and stands approx. 18" tall 



 2007 Christmas Angle
vinyl portrait doll
one of a kind doll prototype doll probably never released
looks like a Harley Davison doll redressed
  About 15 inches tall. 



Evangeline The Angel of Perfect Harmony
designed by Maryse Nicole
Lovingly crafted of fine porcelian with hand painted features
has  hand-set paper weight glass eyes.
This limited edition collector doll is costumed in burgundy velvet,
 shimmering satin and iridescent embroidered organza and is beautifully trimmed with
 glittering gold lace appliqués, sparkling beads, and golden metallic wings.

she has the artists signature in 24 karat gold.  Included is a golden harp and gold halo,
I recently found this doll on ebay description has been taken from image
year is unknown
  Evangeline stands 20" tall.

Queen of Angels
Designed by Maryse Nicole
She is a  limited edition Handcrafted is a timeless Masterpiece with only 500 made
Queen of Angels wears an elaborate gown made of gold tone lace
overlaying cream taffeta. Her elegant bustle is embellished with large glittery satin roses.
 The gown is trimmed with aurora borealis crystals, gold tone lame and organza ruffles
gold tone Venice trim, and ribbon roses. Golden crown is accented golden jewels and crystals
her Wings are adorned with crystals and trimmed with gold lace
This Absolutely beautiful doll comes with a golden long horn instrument
Each doll is individually numbered & signed making this doll as rear as
I recently found this doll on ebay description has been taken from image
year is unknown
She stands 22" tall.





Aria Angel of Good Cheer
Designed by Maryse Nicole
Lovingly crafted of fine porcelain with hand painted features
has  hand set  glass blue eyes with Gibson style brunette hair
She wears a full length bright red dress with white polka dots
her dress is hemmed with pleated silver lame and decorated with highly decorated
sliver braiding with hand sewn sequins her dress has two inserts each side of silver mesh
gathered with rope she has a handkerchief style overlayed skirt trimmed with a double layer
of sliver braiding her cuffs on her sleeves are decorated with a beaded trim
she wears a shoulder ornament of solver lame overlayed with mesh and decorated
with sequins and braiding and trimmed with silver beading
she is crown with a silver and black beaded head piece
and has removable silver lame wings trimmed with braiding and scalloped beading
She carries with her a silver horn
She Stands  19" tall
description taken from image
year un know



Felicitas "The Vatican Angel" Collector Doll
Rare # 64/9500
Authorized by the Vantican Museums
Created in fine bisque porcelain encluding her hair
her face has been maticously hand painted with a fair complextion
hazel green eyes even her hair has been paint to resemble ginger red hair
she wears a shimmering orange gold  raw silk gown over dress dress
 with her v neck trimmed  with a band of green lame
 and finished with a  ruby jewel 
her hem is trimmed with gold embroided green lame with her dress being
Tied at the waist with gold cord
under her dress she wears a red wine or crimson velvet long sleeve top
edged with gold braiding  on her neck line and on her cuffs
Underneath the gown is a nylon petticoat and cotton bloomers
Her glittering wings of Silverey Silk Metallic are Attached and highly decorated
with colours of green copper and gold  she also has a removable golden halo
She has  A violin and  bow ready to be placed in her delicate hands
she stands 16.5" tall
This Doll is Hall Marked
Descripition is taken from image
This doll was found on worthing point



PAGE 22 AND 23

Christmas Angel 
Light of Christmas Stain Glass
Lovingly crafted of fine porcelain with hand painted features
stunning blue eyes  honey blonde long cascading ringlets
Her face and hair is identical to Angel of the Emerald Isle 2004
she has a moveable  head
She wears a white chiffon skirt and blouse overlayed with sheer organza
covered with metallic gold flecks her blouse is edged with gold braid
and the hem on her skirt has two rows of gold braid
she has a metal collar set with clear crystals and covered with
beads in all the colours of the rain bow
her dress is finished with a floor length gold lame sash
and trimmed with clear crystals and multi coloured beds
she is crowned with a 24k electroplated gold halo
she wears removable wings of frosted white trimmed in gold
she carries with her a gold  lantern
This doll was found on Worthing point
She Stands 18" Tall
I date her between 2004 2008


 Angel Of Hope

She is crafted in life like vinyl

with hand painted features sapphire blue eyes and long brunette hair

she wears a pink satin charmuse gown overlayed with

sheer gold glittery organza trimed with gold braid and patterned

with glitter gold and set with swarovskis crystals on her bodice

and her hem Her skirt has a triple overlay of sparkel

organza trimmed with gold braid

her charmuse gown has a scollaped gold trim on the hem

she is finished with a wide gold glittered waist band

and carries a golden harp and is crowned with a gold braided Halo

 her wings are real white feathers  accented with the

glittery gold organza and she wears pearl earrings

she wears no shoes

She Stands 16"Tall

realeased 2010






Daphne Angel Of The Forest Limited Edition

Designed by Pat Thompson
her first design for franklin mint
crafted out of a new medium called Tru Sculpt Resin
giving her a almost translucent appearance
with a very highly detailed  face she is hand painted with blue eyes
and long cascading blonde ringlets
she wears a gown of forest green crushed velvet
her bodice and skirt are overlayed with gold and plum
brocade tapestry with her collar cuffs and waist trimmed
with gold rope her sleeves are finished with large
metallic gold leaves
she has Trusculpt resin   glittered wings
She Stands 25" Tall
she screws on to a wooden stand
she is hallmarked  FHD and is
hand numbered limited edition  signed by Pat Thompson
collector's choice for the most lifelike appearance
Issued in a  1998 
Holiday catalogue 2000





 Laurel Elven  2005
Empress of the Elves
She is a fully Articulated 16"Vinyl Doll
with stunning sapphire blue eyes her face is identical
To Staysa Romanov brunette 2008
she has long flowing straight raven hair
She wears a sheer Crinkle Metallic Silk Organza gown
her bodice is wrapped in a very fine sliver mesh
she wears a robe of embroidered fine mesh with crystals.
and is finished with  a stunning heart shaped silver pendant
adorned with a crystal
she has bear feet
She Stands16"Tall
Description taken from image










































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