Thursday, 16 November 2017

Franklin mint Film Collection,Gigi 1958, My Fair Lady, MaryPoppins1964

1958 Film
designed by Theoni Aldredge
Gigi   is based The 1958 American musical-romance film GIGI
directed by Vincent Minnelli Set in turn-of-the-20th century Paris,
Staring Leslie Caron as Gi Gi  Maurice  Chevalier as the charming old rouge
and Louis Jordan as Gaston
She hand crafted of fine bisque and meticulously hand-painted
with ash blonde hair both brown and green inset glass eyes
she  wears a pink taffeta gown and has a fitted waist to show off her tiny waist
Her dress is very beautiful, she carries a matching purse and
She Stands  18 " tall
This doll is Hall marked 1984


Eliza Doolittle
designed by Theoni Aldredge portraying
great leading ladies of stage and screen
portrayed by Audrey Hepburn in the 1964 film
She hand crafted of fine bisque and meticulously hand-painted
she wears a beautiful slender satin lavender and black striped
off the shoulder dress trimmed with a diagonal pattern and
finished with  gathered ruffled
she wears a lovely crisp white crepe shirt adorned with lace and trimmed with
ruffled cuffs to finished her out fit
 she wears a wide brimmed straw hat with a gorgeous large white organza bow
finished with a bouquet of  lavender flowers
and a wide black satin sash bowed at the rear
she carries in one hand  a lavender and lace parasol
and in the other she holds a ribbon tied taffeta muff tied with a mauve ribbon
her buttoned boots are painted black with grey coloured tips
underneath her narrow skirt she wears wide legged and lace trim pantaloons
high buttoned porcelain shoes with pale grey tips
She stands  19"  Tall

Mary Poppins
Portrayed by Julie Andrews 1964 Film
This doll is exquisitely sculptured and hand painted to authentically represent
Designed for the Walt Disney company
Her likeness is uncanny with fair her complexion , hazel eyes and brunette hair
She is wearing  the jolly holiday outfit   made of white taffeta
covered in embroidered lace with red ribbons bows on her dress
collar she carries a red and white satin parasol trimmed with white lace
finished with its unique bird shaped handle
she is hall marked
stands 14" tall
doll reader Jan 1993

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