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Franklin mint Film Collection,Gigi 1958, My Fair Lady, MaryPoppins1964

1958 Film
designed by Theoni Aldredge
Gigi   is based The 1958 American musical-romance film GIGI
directed by Vincent Minnelli Set in turn-of-the-20th century Paris,
Staring Leslie Caron as Gi Gi  Maurice  Chevalier as the charming old rouge
and Louis Jordan as Gaston
She hand crafted of fine bisque and meticulously hand-painted
with ash blonde hair both brown and green inset glass eyes
she  wears a pink taffeta gown and has a fitted waist to show off her tiny waist
Her dress is very beautiful, she carries a matching purse and
She Stands  18 " tall
This doll is Hall marked 1984


Eliza Doolittle
designed by Theoni Aldredge portraying
great leading ladies of stage and screen
portrayed by Audrey Hepburn in the 1964 film
She hand crafted of fine bisque and meticulously hand-painted
she wears a beautiful slender satin lavender and black striped
off the shoulder dress trimmed with a diagonal pattern and
finished with  gathered ruffled
she wears a lovely crisp white crepe shirt adorned with lace and trimmed with
ruffled cuffs to finished her out fit
 she wears a wide brimmed straw hat with a gorgeous large white organza bow
finished with a bouquet of  lavender flowers
and a wide black satin sash bowed at the rear
she carries in one hand  a lavender and lace parasol
and in the other she holds a ribbon tied taffeta muff tied with a mauve ribbon
her buttoned boots are painted black with grey coloured tips
underneath her narrow skirt she wears wide legged and lace trim pantaloons
high buttoned porcelain shoes with pale grey tips
She stands  19"  Tall

Mary Poppins
Portrayed by Julie Andrews 1964 Film
This doll is exquisitely sculptured and hand painted to authentically represent
Designed for the Walt Disney company
Her likeness is uncanny with fair her complexion , hazel eyes and brunette hair
She is wearing  the jolly holiday outfit   made of white taffeta
covered in embroidered lace with red ribbons bows on her dress
collar she carries a red and white satin parasol trimmed with white lace
finished with its unique bird shaped handle
she is hall marked
stands 14" tall
doll reader Jan 1993

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Franklinmint Porcelain Doll Collection Gone with the Wind 1986 to 1999

Gone with the Wind Porcelain 
Rhett Butler at the 12 Oaks

This was the first. time that Scarlett met Rhett at the 12 Oaks Barbeque
hand crafted in fine bisque porcelain hand painted
This is the first doll that was authorized
 by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer portraying Clark Gable as the dashing Rhett Butler in Gone with the Wind.
This handsome portrait doll is authentically dressed as Rhett Butler was in the library scene at Twelve Oaks
 Plantation, in which he first saw the tempestuous Scarlett.
Costumed in a navy blue frock coat and grey trousers with a fine jacquard neck scarf and waistcoat,
the doll brings to life the dashing leading man in the role that made him famous.
The doll even has the devilish smile that gave the fictional character the appeal that made
 Gone With the Wind a favourite with generations of movie goers.
The doll was created in 1986 and stands 20" tall.
 Rhett at the 12 Oaks
ebay research

Introducing Olivia de Havilland
           as Melanie

M.G M S First ever porcelain doll to authentically portray Olivia de Havilland as Melanie
hand crafted in fine bisque porcelain hand painted with wide brown eyes
ivory complexion with a hint of blush
Her costume is lavish authentically tailored in sky blue taffeta accented with
satin and lace she wears real cameo earing
 She stands approx. 19 " tall
 doll reader July 1987

           DOLL READER JULY 1987
 Ashley Wilkes
 Sculpted of fine bisque porcelain and meticulously painted by hand
He is costumed in a fine grey wool uniform of the Confederacy,
trimmed with gold braiding and accented with an authentic
 belt buckle bearing the initials "CSA" for the Confederate States of America.
He even wears a yellow sash just like the one Scarlett made for him His Hat is made of grey wool felt
Ashley stands 20" tall
ebay research dated 1988

C.O.A  is dated Tuner Entertainment

                               Vivien Leigh and Clark gable
 together again
2 official portraits dolls
hand crafted in fine bisque porcelain hand painted
as Scarlett o Hara and Rhett butler
Released together  Dec 1987
Scarlett   is Approx.  13.5" tall
Rhett is approx. 15" tall

Introducing Vivien Leigh as Scarlett O'Hara
MGM commissioned an Authentic Reproduction Porcelain doll Portraying Vivien Leigh as Scarlett
hand crafted in fine bisque porcelain hand painted
wearing The green garden party dress from Gone with the Wind,
 as worn by Vivien Leigh for the barbecue at Twelve Oaks.
her dress is romantic creation of green crepe de chine
lavish ruffles around her low cut neck line
shows of her expressive face and her raven hair
she stands 19" tall
doll reader march 1988


50 anniversary limited edition
Vivien Leigh as Scarlett O'Hara
hand crafted in fine bisque porcelain hand painted
dressed in the magnificent velvet gown she made from the
emerald green drapes at Tara perfectly re created the full sweeping skirt
has golden tassels draped sleeves,  bonnet and with feathers gold fringe
she wears precious jewelled earrings of genuine diamonds and emeralds
she stands 22 " tall
This doll is specially hall marked 50th anniversary
later editions will not be hallmarked
only available to the end of 1989
doll reader April 1989

Vivien Leigh as Scarlett O 'Hara
hand crafted in fine bisque porcelain hand painted
with piercing green eyes
to celebrate 50 years MGM released the second scarlet
taken from photographic stills from Ashley Wilkes birthday
she wears  the smouldering red velvet dress with burgundy accents
with marabou feathered dyed to match her shawl is tulle
  genuine Swarovski crystals have been sewn
into her gown and placed on her  bracelet
she stands 22" tall
dolls magazine may 1992






Scarlett O'Hara marries Charles Hamilton
in a jealous retribution of Ashley marrying Melanie.
hand crafted in fine bisque porcelain hand painted
She is dressed in full ivory satin embellished with 67 hand sewn embroidered satin and voile leaves
 accented with 4 yards of satin cord. her head piece is a white  full tulle veil edged with lace
Scarlett wears a 3 strand faux-pearl necklace.
 The Franklin Mint has thoroughly researched, every detail -from individually
chosen fabrics to carefully mixed paints to meticulously tailored garments.

 This doll stands 22" tall
Franklin Mint 1993
1995 collectors preview catalogue


Rhett and Scarlett's a Night of Passion
From one of the most memorable scenes
MGM has brought to life for the first time ever
a pair of hand crafted in fine bisque porcelain hand painted dolls
scarlet is dressed in chrisom velvet dressing gown lavishly trimmed with lace
with red painted on slippers
while Rhett wears black pants, white shirt A white brocade vest and a white ascot
set on a set of stairs which is a recreation of the actual stairs from the film set
The wooden staircase is elaborately carved and the steps have luscious red carpet on them
 The Scarlett doll is 13 1/2" tall and Rhett is 15" tall.
 1995 collectors preview catalogue




Mrs Ellen  O'Hara, Scarlett's mother.
This doll is absolutely breathtaking made of fine bisque hand painted porcelain
 Mrs Ellen, Scarlet's Very Prim and Proper  mother
She wears an exquisite navy blue velvet and taffeta dress with a black tulle crinoline
 and cage hoop slip underneath her full skirt of taffeta pantalets and painted on shoes.
the bodice is ruched and trimmed with bands of navy blue velvet highlighted by
 golden navy the neck of her dress she wears a cameo brooch
 which is accented by her pearl drop earrings. her hair is in a perfect coil
at the back of her head
she stands approx. 19" tall
Ebay research states release 1994
image 1998 holiday catalogue


Scarlett's honeymoon with captain butler
Dressed from the scene where she was choosing gifts for the family.
                           She is hand crafted in fine bisque porcelain hand painted
              Scarlet is wearing in her honey moon finery of pure white taffeta with black georgette
                      and silk ribbon applique with black embroidered accents on the sleeves. 
                                      White satin hat with lacy netting around face.
         Her stunning brooch and earrings are ruby red faux gems gleaming with gold accents
she stands approx. 22" tall 
heirloom 1995 catalogue and Christmas 96


scarlet portrait doll Second release
Here is Scarlett, a portrait of loveliness in
fine hand-painted porcelain
Her  gowned is the spectacular (Curtain dress)
The dress has a emerald green velvet overskirt that parts in the front to reveal
 a chartreuse satin underskirt. It has fitted sleeves with a semi-cape on the left shoulder and a drapery cord belt.
Scarlett wears a feathered and gold fringed hat with a gold gilded  and carries a green velvet purse.
 To accentuate her outfit, she is wearing her mother's earrings.
They have a genuine Diamond and Emerald in each earring.
 Underneath her gown, she is wearing bloomers with lace and green ribbons
 the colour of the dress and also a slip with green bows on it. Her green shoes are painted on

This doll is not hall marked
 The dolls stands 22 inches tall.




Rhett and Bonnie's return
From the scene where she sits on the stairs cradling bonnie
she wears a lavish full length dressing gown of brilliant paisley broadcloth
trimmed in soft faux brown fur and trimmed with glittering gold braiding
and delicate ivory lace, underneath her dressing gown is a white batiste
chemise with bloomers trimmed with lace and ribbons
she stands 21" tall
1997 spring catalogue

summer catalogue 1999


Rhett's returns from Atlanta
His passion for Scarlett was hotter than flames which consumes Atlanta
 re igniting the fire by reuniting them once again
This Doll is another  dashing recreation released by MGM
With his costume  faithfully detailed this handsomely attired doll is just as he appeared
in the classic film wearing his white twill suit and silk taffeta vest
accented by his gold plated cuff links ,his gold plated fob watch and chain
he stands 24" tall
holiday heirloom catalogue 1997

 Scarlets visit to Ashley
From the scene at the lumber yard
 hand crafted in fine bisque porcelain hand painted
scarlet is wearing white satin organza dress
toped with a blue velveteen jacket  to complete her out fit
she has a white lace parasol ,velvet draw string purse
and a sophisticated straw lace bonnet accent by a gold and pearl brooch
with elegant jewellery
she stands 22" tall
Franklin mint 1998 holiday catalogue

Rhett's Promise Porcelain Doll

From the secene when Scarlett  returns from her honey moon
to  Tara and  Rhett promises to help rebuild Tara
images sourced from ebay 
I have been unable at this time to find out any info on her dress or release date

Belle of Tara
Scarlett O' Hara in her opening scene
hand crafted in fine bisque porcelain
she wears a 8 tiered white ruffled batiste dress
 crafted in 100%white muslin cotton with each
tier is trimmed with lace her dress has faux pearls sewn on the front
finishing with a cameo brooch accented in gold on her collar
her hair is trimmed with red satin ribbons she has a red satin belt
with white buckle and Her red shoes are painted on
she stands approx. 19" tall
1999  summer catalogue

 1999  summer catalogue


This majestic  Doll created from the portrait that hung in Rhett's bedroom 
hand crafted in fine bisque porcelain
 Her  green eyes and perfectly formed lips are masterfully painted by hand, capturing Scarlett's
radiant beauty in its elegant maturity. Her raven-black hair is styled in ringlets and crowned with
 a simulated pearl coronet.
 Like the original, this reproduction is sewn of midnight blue velvet with a fitted bodice
 and off the shoulder puff sleeves. It comes to a V at the waist it is tightly gathered into a full skirt with  train.
 Beneath her gown is a petticoat and matching pantaloons that are edged with lace and  painted on blue shoes
Scarlett's beautiful earrings gleam with 24 karat gold and are set with violet crystals.
She wears a wedding band on her ring finger and a delicate soft white crochet lace shawl  that drapes gracefully
over her arms and across her back.
She has a Tiara permanently attached at the top her immaculate hairstyle with ringlets.  
She also  wears a pair of gorgeous earrings
 she  Stands approximately 19" tall
Doll Reader Feb 1999
Doll Reader Feb 1999 

The other players in gone with the wind

Scarlett’s childhood nurse
hand crafted in fine bisque porcelain
 Mammy is wearing her
Original outfit of a black dress, with a pretty golden and pearl brooch,
 long black sleeves, with white cuffs,white collar, and a
  white apron, a white wrap around her head, beautiful face, and tag around
The clothing and accessories are hand detailed
she stands approx. 19 to 20 inch tall
originally released in  1989
I only have the holiday heirloom 1997 with her image

  Famous maid in Gone With The Wind
 She wears a pretty blue and tan striped apron with black boots sculptured to resemble soft,
 well-worn leather
 She is 18’’ tall. Created in 1993.

 Belle Watling
Belle Watling as she appeared in her last scene with Rhett.
 She is costumed as you remember her in a shimmering gold satin gown with matching golden
pumps. The dress is accented with ruffles of green lace and highlighted with
lovely red roses. Her face painting is exquisite. Her gorgeous headpiece adorned with a golden bell matches
the bell earrings in her ears. The doll is crafted of fine, hand-painted bisque porcelain.
She stands about 19" high and comes in her original box, doll stand and her
 The doll was made in 1991
The doll stands 20"tall
ebay research


 Aunt Pitty Pat
Grey-haired, plump and bashful, Aunt Pitty Pat is the maiden aunt of Melanie and Charles Hamilton
 This Aunt Pitty Pat doll is an authentic portrayal of Aunt Pitty Pat as she appeared during Ashley's
 homecoming Christmas dinner

Crafted of hand-painted fine porcelain
 She is costumed in a periwinkle-blue taffeta dress with white batiste sleeves,
accented with tassels and appliques of soft black velvet. A paisley shawl is draped over her shoulders
 and in her hair is a ruffled confection of satin.
 And her delicate lace jabot is centred by a lovely faux cameo brooch.
The doll stands 21"tall
ebay research


Bonnie Blue Butler  -  Scarlett’s third and last child.
 Bonnie is the daughter of Rhett Butler. Spoiled and strong-willed like her mother,
Bonnie elicits utter devotion from Rhett and eventually replaces Scarlett as the center of Rhett’s attention
There is no infomation  on this doll 
sculpted of fine bisque porcelain and meticulously painted by hand
her eyes look hazel and she has raven hair like her mother
 her dress appears to be made of royal blue velvet
her collar is white trimmed with crochet lace Scallop Edging
her red gloves appears to be painted on
her hat matches her royal blue velvet and trimmed with a red feather
she is only 12" Tall
Franklin Mint 1993   dated from ebay
dress from what i could see