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Franklin mint Doll Collection Queens of Europe

  Queen of France 

This is a Lovely rendition of Marie Antoinette
Born in Austria she was the most hated women of France
all because of malicious gossip and innuendo which none of was True
she reined 1791 to 1792 it all ended with the French Revolution
Crafted in fine bisque porcelain with violet eyes and platinum hair 
Dressed in beautiful emerald green satin dress trimmed with gold ribboned  antique white lace
her over dress is fully trimmed with her bodice trimmed with gold braid accented with a
emerald green bow dotted with gold
she wears a triple row pearl choker crowned with a jewelled emerald stone
she platinum blonde hair is swept up and held with loops of braided hair
crowned with white feathers and decorated with two strands of pearls held
together with gold jewelled emeralds she has painted emerald green shoes
along with a petty coat trimmed with gold and lace with lace edged pantaloons
she stands 18" tall
description taken from image

 hall marked 1985
mistress to King Louis XV
Named Jeanne Antoinette Poisson
Madame de Pompadour was the long official standing mistress of King Louis XV of France
she was a influential favourite  member of the French court 1745 to 1751 until her death
she is authentic portrait doll with blue eyes and chestnut coloured  hair
handcrafted of fine bisque porcelain and meticulously hand painted
she is Authentically costumed in the gown Madame de Pompadour designed her self
more than 200 years ago for portrait painted by artist Francois Boucher
She selected the lavish decorations ,imported laces, bright bountiful ribbons delicate rosettes
 tiers upon tiers of ruffles every detail has been faithfully recreated.
The Gown is the style known as "la robe a la Françoise"
Shimmering taffeta, lavishly decorated and is richly hand detailed
The bodice is enhanced by a cascade of peach coloured bows.
The sleeves are adorned by tiers of delicate, imported lace ruffles.
The beautiful ,bouffant skirt is embellished by exquisite ribbons of dainty rosettes
and parted to reveal an elaborate petticoat  She wears picot edged ribbon choker
and carries a mirror
Underneath she wears lace trimmed petticoat and pantaloons
Her feet are painted porcelain  elegant pink  dancing slippers
she stands 18" tall
description taken from image
Nominated doll of the year June/July 1986

Juliette Recamier 1988
she is the only women who dared to say no Napoleon
Juliette was born in Lyon France in 1777
 She is created in fine hand panted porcelain
Juliette's hair is swept up into a braid entwined with Faux pearls and long blonde curls
She is dressed in the grandeur of the Empire style in an elaborate gown of pink jacquard
her puffed sleeves trimmed with satin rosettes, faux pearls and fine lace
Her elbow length white gloves are hand painted and decorated with faux pearl buttons
She carries a golden fan trimmed with satin and lace
doll is hall marked Franklin Heirloom Dolls 1988
she stands 19" tall

second release
Designed by The House of Versailles
Sculpted of fine bisque porcelain and meticulously hand painted violet eyes
and platinum blonde hair this highly ornate doll
is wearing the classic  17th and 18th century extend the wide  skirt leaving
the front and back relatively flat for elaborate decorations and rich embroidery
would be displayed and fully appreciated
Her skirt is taffeta iridescent blue overlayed with full length ivory lace
the sides are extended with extra layer of lace gathered on each side
lavishly decorated with satin rosettes draped around the front of her skirt
her bodice is also trimmed with satin rosettes with a tapestry centre piece
for the finishing touch she has triple satin rosettes sewn to ribbon bows in rose
and ivory coloured ribbon placed on her dress ,sleeves and waist
Her hair is highly decorated with triple satin rosettes attached to strands of pearls
and is crowned with a fan shaped lace centre piece
she wears sapphire earrings with a diamond chocker displaying a sapphire pendant
her shoes are painted ivory with pink bows
she stands 17" tall
Doll reader Feb 1996 and
Franklin catalogue preview 1997
description taken from image
spring 1997 catalogue
This is a Official Portrait of Grace Kelly as she Appeared for her State Portrait
Sculpted of fine bisque porcelain and meticulously crafted her likeness is uncanny
She wears a strapless white satin gown overlayed with lace
she wears a red and white sash the colours of the royal order
 that was bestowed to her by her beloved prince
she has sculpted porcelain white elbow length gloves painted white
her blonde hair has carefully been hand styled and crowned
with a silver plated  Tiara set with faux pearls
she stands 18" tall
description taken from image

Doll reader Jan 1997

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