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Franklinmint Doll Collection Camelot 1985 and 2000's

The very first Camelot doll by Franklinmint
Guinevere 1985

Design by Theoni  Aldredge Collection
designer for Theatre, Opera and Film
Inspired by Lerner and Loewe's hit musical Camelot
She is crafted of fine bisque porcelain and meticulously hand-painted
with a fair complexion striking blue eyes and short blonde hair
she is costumed in traditional medieval style
She wears a trained gown of satin blue jacquard edged with metallic gold piping
her neckline is pink satin trimmed with scalloped gold braiding encrusted
with pearls she has a under skirt of pink satin finished with a gold waist band
she has  2 cloak style panels attached to her shoulders of her dress 
of satin blue jacquard lined with pink satin and trimmed with metallic gold piping
She wears a white steeple style hat draped with gold patterned
blue chiffon
She Stands 18" Tall
Her COA bears the artist's signature




The Second Camelot series started in 2001 finished 2004
Bride of King Arthur
She is crafted of fine bisque porcelain and meticulously hand-painted
with a fair complexion striking blue eyes and long blonde hair
with ringlets around her face
she wears a full gown of white velvet overlayed with crinkle gold tissue silk
her dress is overlayed with a train of white velvet edged and decorated
with gold glittered rose appliques which is attached just under the bust
she has a off the shoulder bodice overlayed crinkle gold tissue silk
decorated with a frilled neckline and a jewelled centre piece
she has gathered puffed sleeves with a medieval split sleeved attached
finished with a jewels and a gold tassel
To complete this bride she wares a floor length silk veil held by
A golden crown set with genuine Austrian crystals
and holds a bouquet of white silk roses
description taken from image
Franklin  holiday 2001
She Stands 18" Tall



Queen Guinevere 16" vinyl fashion doll
Queen Guinevere 16" vinyl fashion doll
She is crafted in finest quality life like vinyl
meticulously hand painted with striking hazel green eyes and
Gorgeous long  blonde cascading curls
she wears a deep amethyst coloured trained  gown with a pink jacquard print
with green Irish clovers her dress is edged and lined with bright red
satin and has long medieval split sleeved
she is finished with a metallic gold Drop waist belt complete with
gold jewelled royal emblem and golden metallic  jewelled royal crown
This Royal Portrait Doll is fully pose able
Stands 16" Tall
holiday 2003

She has been given the luxury of having her own accessories
3 separate outfits
Ethereal Bride Outfit
includes White & Gold wedding gown w/ detachable gold velvet train,
belt, gold pointed shoes & gold & red jewelled drop earrings
Knighthood Outfit
includes the Green & gold satin gown, jewelled belt,
a detachable gold & green velvet cape, with matching hat w/veil
& gold crispinette snood,
tiny green dot earrings and pointed green shoes

Royal Reign Outfit
includes the royal Blue, gold & red medieval gown with train
and medieval split sleeves with a gold jewelled belt
tiny gold dot earrings and matching gold pointed shoes

Morgan Le Fay
Alternatively known as Morgana was known to be a sorceress priestess
enchantress or dark magician This stunningly beautiful doll
She is crafted of fine bisque porcelain and meticulously hand-painted
with a fair complexion blue eyes and Gorgeous long red cascading curls
she wears a Mulberry trained knitted silver metallic lame gown
 decorated at the neck with silver metallic lame trimmed by hand
with burgundy velvet with hand stitched gold thread
 she has silver metallic lame sleeves overlayed with floor length
medieval split sleeves lined with mauve and purple fine tulle
Around her waist she wears a hand sewn mauve and burgundy
Drop waist belt with a strand of silver and coloured beads
She is crowned with a medieval escoffin decorated with fine mauve
tulle and burgundy velvet and highly decorated with rows of
multi coloured beads
She is completed with her golden jewelled challis
This doll has a limited edition and hand numbered hall mark
spring 2002 catalogue
She Stands 17" Tall


Lady of the Lake
Lady of the Lake is the name of the ruler of Avalon in the Arthurian legend
An enchanted vision from the age of Camelot
She is crafted of fine bisque porcelain and meticulously hand-painted
she has a very fair complexion with grey blue eyes
long cascading platinum blonde hair with crystals woven through her hair
she wears a metallic blue and silver lame dress joined and
draped around her waist and the skirt is edged with metallic silver lame
Her neckline is edged with silver fisher mans netting and threaded with
silver and crystal beads
she has aqua blue chiffon floor length split sleeves decorated with
silver glitter with hand sewn silver droplets and edged with silver thread
her dress is finished with midnight blue lame and a fisher mans
netting tied as a belt and completed with a large silver Amulet set with
crystals and a opalescent stone
She is crowned by a sequined garland adorned with pearls and crystals
She presents exquisitely decorated gold handled sword
Excalibur, The Sword that made  Arthur king
She Stands 18"Tall
She is Hallmarked hand-numbered limited edition
She has a custom-designed resin base
Franklin mint catalogue winter 2004



He is hand crafted of fine bisque porcelain and meticulously hand-painted
with quite a handsome detailed face with grey eyebrows and violet eyes
he has luxurious soft shoulder length grey curly hair and beard
he wears gold star printed violet red tunic decorated with a silver
studded metallic gold belt centred with a silver Amulet
set with a pink amethyst crystal
He wears Juliet style sleeves of crinkle silver metallic foil with
black and silver threaded fabric which extends over his hands
his tunic is finished with silver studded black trim and a lilac waist band
he wears a purple velvet cape trimmed with gold braid
with a lilac hat trimmed with silver foil
he carries a glass orb in one hand and a golden dragon headed staff in the other
He Stands 24" tall
He is limited edition and hand numbered
franklin spring 2002




























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