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The Rarest Franklin mint Dolls

The Rarest Franklin mint Dolls
There is no information
or Advertising to be found
Dates are unknown or not confirmed
images are from E bay and E bay Archives
apologies for the images I hope to find better ones
More Dolls will be added as they are found





Emily Rose
She is crafted of fine bisque porcelain and beautifully hand painted
her face is  identical to Bride Of the Summer Palace
she has beautiful  blue eyes, pink blushed cheeks with hand styled curly brunette hair
She wears ivory satin gown overlayed with embroidered tulle her bodice
is decorated with embroidered lace and pearls with sheer chiffon on her chest
and a lace collar her sleeves are decorated with ornate rose pink roses
her skirt is trimmed with floor length woven pink ribbons decorated with
rose pink roses and pearls her hem is edged with woven pink ribbon and hemmed
with lace she is completed with a ivory fine mesh bonnet trimmed with
pink roses ribbons and lace
underneath she wares a netted slip white sheer stockings and removable shoes
Accessories if any unknown

Francesca's Passion
Designed by Maryse Nicole
This dolls story is unknown
She is crafted of fine bisque porcelain and beautifully hand painted
with rosy cheeks large glass inset blue eyes shoulder length soft mohair platinum blonde hair
she is elaborately dressed in a floral brocade in the colours of greys whites and pinks
her dress maybe overlayed with a sheer iridescent organza giving her dress a reflective
appearance her sleeves and neckline are overlayed fish net tulle mesh
her sleeves are trimmed with pink ribbons her shoulders and neck is trimmed with
posies of flowers her skirt is overlayed at both sides with fish net tulle mesh
and decorated with two garlands of flowers
The rear of her dress is highly decorated with a oversized bow of floral brocade
and fish net tulle with a garland of flowers over a tulle frill
her dress edged with white satin piping
Accessories if any unknown
She Stands 23" Tall
Date unknown

Sparkle  Princess
Or jewel by Maryse Nicole Originals
 limited to only 500
making her a very rare doll
she is a fully bodied porcelain doll with bright blue glass eyes
with curly shoulder length raven hair
she wears a silver embossed  gown with her bodice adorned with silver sequins
her Juliet style sleeves are puffed and gathered trimmed with sequins along
with her skirt and waist she wares a high collared Foil Polka dot tulle cloak
trimmed with white ostrich  feathered boa with metallic silver tinsel
she is finished with a silver Tiara set with crystals  a set of crystal
pendant earrings and a Swarovski crystal pendant around her neck
She Stands Tall
she is hall marked





The very first doll released for Franklin mint
by the National Historical Society
She is crafted of fine bisque porcelain and beautifully hand painted with brown eyes
raven hair she wears a historically correct out fit
she wears a plain blue dress  simple in design enhanced only by the gathered
waist line and a white collar edged  with scalloped lace adorned with a traditional
cameo broach she wears a colonial white hat gathered and frilled
This doll dose not stand she sits on her own Windsor wooden chair
while she holds her genuine platinum needle to sews the original 13 star colony flag
genuine replica
She is 20" Tall Sitting down
This doll is listed as vintage

Turn of the Century dolls set of 2

Designed by Bernice Mowry
Sculptured in fine bisque porcelain and hand painted with blue eyes with
hand styled period coiffure ash blonde hair
This gorgeous doll wears a traditional gown fashioned of luxurious peach
 jacquard detailed with chiffon and scalloped lace and highlighted with faux pearls. 
Her bonnet is crafted of chiffon, lace, feathers, faux pearls and delicate flowers
 In her hand, she carries a purse accented with lace and flowers. 
And beneath her dress, she is outfitted with a delicate petticoat and pantalets.
She was purchased directly from the Franklin Mint in 1992
information ebay
Second Doll identical to Emily is Violet 2000

Maryse Nicole convention dolls
 doll reader July 1994
I found 2 Maryse Nicole dolls

not sold through franklin mint

These 2 dolls are the rarest in the world
Veronique sparkle emerald dream 22" Tall
limited only 25

The images are from worthpoint

the guy had no idea what he had
The images I photographed from the magazine they are not as clear
as I would like
                Aurora the only one was ever doll made 20" tall
put up for auction  by maryse Nicole 1994



Lady Cecily Ashworth
This doll is identical  to amy from little women
Designed by David & Elizabeth Emanuel
This is the first doll ever created by David & Elizabeth Emanuel
Designersof princess Diana’s wedding dress)
proprietors of one of London’s most exciting and fashionable couturier houses
Dressed for an afternoon at the world-famous Chelsea flower show
Lady Cecily Ashworth is as lovely as blossoms on display
She is crafted of fine bisque porcelain and beautifully hand painted
S has a fair complextion with grey eyes and blond hair
Her dainty dress is made of the finest white lawn and is trimmed in
delicate eyelet embroidery and pink satin. Its pink satin sash is matched by satin roses
that accent the billowy eyelet ruffles that frill the quaint, old-fashioned bloomers
She  Stands 16” Tall

Nina The Fortune Teller
Designed by Maryse Nicole Limited to 600
She is crafted of fine bisque porcelain and beautifully hand painted with brown eyes
and raven hair Her dress is meticulously hand crafted down to every detail
she wears a shimmering violet organza gown with puffed bishop sleeves
trimmed at the collar waist and sleeves with violet gold sparkle ribbon
her collar is decorated with gold chains adorned with charms
her sleeves with violet sequins
her skirt is overlayed to one side with violet and gold brocade trimmed with
violet sequins and black beads to the other side her dress is decorated with
black glitter tulle with her skirt  hemmed with metallic silver braid
she is completed with a scarf crowning her head tied with a gold chain and metallic braid
she carries a crystal ball 7/8 in diameter
She Stands 19" Tall
She is numbered and signed by the Artist

Designed by Maryse Nicole Limited to 600
She is crafted of fine bisque porcelain and beautifully hand painted with brown eyes
and raven hair Her dress is meticulously hand crafted down to every detail
She wears a copper and black gown of embossed velvet
and metallic copper taffeta overlayed with 
her bodice is elaborately decorated with copper taffeta and tulle puffed and pleated
capping her shoulders and bust with a pleated copper frill trimming her neckline
her dress is adorned with copper rhinestones her taffeta skirt flares out from the hip
and overlayed with black tulle and hemmed with black rose braid
She is completed with a bonnet decorated with copper taffeta black tulle and rhinestones
This intricate is finished with a black beaded choker with matching earrings
She Stands 20" Tall
She is numbered and signed by the Artist

Designed by Maryse Nicole Limited to 500 U. S. Edition
She is crafted of fine bisque porcelain and beautifully hand painted with violet eyes
and raven hair in the Gibson style Her dress meticulously hand crafted in the Victorian style
She wears lavender 2 piece satin dress overlayed with black spotted tulle
she has sheer black spotted tulle on her neckline decorated with black sequins
and braid with a black  lace collar and puffed sleeves trimmed with black lace
she wears a long flowing skirt overlayed with tulle and trimmed with
black sequins and lace at the rear her dress is lavishly decorated with a over size
double black lace bow decorated with sequins and lace ribbons
underneath she wears lavender satin pantaloons trimmed with black lace
a netted slip and black ribbon lace up shoes

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