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Franklinmint Doll Collection Poetry of the Fan

Society of History of Costume in Paris presents
Franklin mint Heirloom Dolls
There is only  Three Dolls To this Collection
Mademoiselle Adele de 'Grassy 1984
First  doll ever to be issued by the museum of fashion and costume paris
This beautiful Edwardian costume designed for franklin heirloom dolls
she wears a velvet purple suit her tailored jacket buttons to one side with silver buttons
she has a  high neck collar trimmed with embroidered white lace
The shoulders of her jacket are wrapped with embroidered  lace and overlayed with
velvet ribbon and trimmed silver beaded bows
her skirt is very pain and straight lined trimmed with three rows of  embroidered white lace
she carries with her a white lace parasol trimmed with pink ribbons
To complete her out fit she may have a pink hat trimmed with white feathers
cannot be sure but women in the 1900's always wore a highly decorated hats
She Stands 19"Tall
description taken from image
I have only ever seen this one doll

SOPHIE and the Poetry of the Fan
Recapturing the Romance of the Language of the Fan

The language of the Fan was learning to communicate by gesturing with a fan
 was an important part of a young lady's upbringing during the Romantic Era
 the silent language of love
This  beautiful Victorian costume designed for the Society of the History of Costume in Paris.
The Poetry of the Fan dolls are a Gold Standard Selection are beautifully made
and limited in issue
Sophie is beautifully dressed in a gown that is a lovely shade of lavender blue
that is trimmed with lace with pink and gold ribbons and pink rosebuds
Her Gibson style brunette hair is accented with a rosebuds
She has pink pantaloons and pink slippers to complete the outfit.
Her fan has a gilded handle and made of lace to match her dress 
She stands 18” Tall
her date is unknown
Description taken from image

Poetry of the Fan
She  is crafted in fine hand-painted porcelain and dressed in an authentic gown
She is a tribute to the charming language of the fan.
she is  hand embroidered of fine cotton lawn pink satin, and ivory lace
 her skirt is overlayed with fine embroidered tulle and again with fine cotton lawn
her bodice is crossed over with exquisite laced ribbons and held at the waist then
stream down the front of her dress she is finished with little bows on her shoulders
her hair elaborately braided with ribbons woven through her braids with wears pearl earrings
she holds a elaborately decorated laced fan
crafted entirely by hand with accents of gold
She wears hand-painted pink ballet slippers
She stands 17 inches tall
Description taken image  from   Christmas catalogue 1996



First Advertised in Doll reader  Sept  1993

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