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Franklinmint House of Faberge Romanov Collection 1985 to 2010

The Romanov Collection
All Designed by House of Faberge
As we all know Carl Faberge was the jewellery designer
For the Romanov Family
There are  14 dolls to this collection 
starting with Empress 1985 through to Staysa 2008
Her Imperial Majesty The Empress Alexandra
 Czarina of all the Russians 1985

 The daughter of Grand Duke Louis IV of Hesse-Darmstadt
 and a grand daughter of Queen Victoria of England,
 Alexandra Feodoroven was the last empress of Russia’s powerful Romanov dynasty
 was the first doll ever created by The House of Igor Carl Faberge,
which was founded by the grandson of the official jeweller to the czar and czarina.
 It is fully-jointed and crafted entirely of hand-painted bisque porcelain and
costumed in midnight blue velvet, satin and fur adorned with jewels,
cultured pearls, and buttons of gold vermeil
 A blue velvet presentation case contains a tiara of gold vermeil with 6 dark blue stones
 and 12 cultured pearls. It is marked FB 85 Sterling.
 Also in the case is a brooch, crafted of 14 K gold set with a fully faceted diamond,
 sapphire, and six cultured pearls.
 The Empress is wearing bracelets and choker and feather fan
she is hall marked 1985
 The doll stands 22"Tall
 limited edition to 1,500 her original cost was 1750.00


 Anastasia 1988
Her face is beautifully hand painted with green eyes.
Her entire body is porcelain with joints at the knees, hips and arms.
She has long brunette hair curled in ringlets that can be
pulled over her shoulders or pushed back to display her earrings.
She displays a beautiful cape of cream brocade satin embroidered with fine gold thread
and  adorned with pearls lined with red satin trimmed with piped gold cord
and joined at the neck with  gold chains and two  gold and pearl brooches
 she wears a under dress of cream satin embroidered at the base with gold and pearls
she wears a red sash adorned with medals and a crown of gold encrusted with
 marquis cut garnets and pearls
  she is Hall marked 1988
She stands 22 inches tall
description taken from image

House of Faberge
Alexandra Feodorovna was consort of the Russian Czar Nicholas II
she was born Victoria Alex Helena Louise Beatrice on June 6 1872
in the Grand Duchy of Hesse, in the German Empire.
she inspired the collapse of Russia's imperial government
Sculpted of fine bisque porcelain she has blue glass inset eyes with acrylic eyelashes
she is dressed in regal purple taffeta  skirt with is layers and layers of ruffles
her waist bodice and shoulders is overlayed with iridescent brocade satin
in colours of purple and gold trimmed with luminescent beads and edged in gold
her bodice is gold embroided accented with a purple amethyst stone
and trimmed with black beads
she wears a black beaded chocker and black crystal beads adorn her hair
underneath she wears black hoop half-slip, black fish net stockings and black boots
she holds The Aura borealis egg hand-crafted in opalescent enamel accented with 24kt gold
she stands 19 " tall
she is hall marked
description taken from image

Princess Of The Imperial Ice Palace
design by The House Of Faberge
The ice castles of Russian Myth fairy Tail or legend
In the days of imperial Russia these castles really did exist made for special occasions
one was brought to life in 1740 by empress Anna
Tatiana  is created in fine hand panted porcelain,
and is costumed in a dazzling gown of hand beaded silk under a magnificent cape
of crushed silk velvet and trimmed with hand sewn marabou feathers. 
Over 96 hours are spent in the intricate handwork of each dress.
Tatiana's hand styled hair is crowned with a dazzling tiara set with 26 rhinestones and 7 faux pearls
She wears a faux pearl necklace, and her royal sceptre and crown are selectively gold plated.
 And Tatiana comes complete with a "surprise" - her ring is set with a genuine cultured pearl.
 She is of Limited Edition of only 950 and is hand numbered.
She stands 28 inches tall.
 1998 Holiday Collection


Princess Sonja
 Princess Sonja was remarkably accomplished
 Sonia Ivanovna Orbeliani  never married as she  was not from st peters berg
her only option was Maid of the royal court
she was placed as Bedchamber to Her Majesty
 the highest rank for any women who held the position at Court.
 one of the few people at Court who enjoyed Alexandra's confidence
She is  hand painted bisque porcelain with dark brown eyes beautiful Auburn hair
She wears a hand tailored and sewn bridal gown
  Her gown is ivory bridal satin bolero jacket with golden lame' rounded collar
 and short capped sleeves edged in golden trim and a tassel. 
Each sleeve has a golden Faberge emblem with an iridescent stone in it as well
 as nine down the front of the skirt.
 The long sleeves and the overlay is an ivory and golden floral embossed brocade. 
In the front the overlay comes to points and is highlighted by the golden edging
 and a tassel at the points.  In the back is a long brocade train. 
 her veil is attached to a golden tiara set on her auburn hair with faux pearls on each tip
 She has ivory panties, ivory high heel shoes and a net slip. 
She also is wearing gold earrings with a pearl drop.
She stands 18" Tall
eBay research dates her 1998

House of Faberge
Countess Alexandra Branitskaya 1754 to 1838
She was one of the most notable socialites at the Russian Imperial court
during the reign of Catherine she was given a position close to a member of the Imperial family
and the favourite and lady-in-waiting of Catherine the Great
Sculpted of fine bisque porcelain and meticulously hand crafted she has striking blue eyes
 dressed in sumptuous gown of winter white velvet lined with satin with gold trim
The Front of her skirt is adorned with hand sewn gold organza flowers jewelled gold and pearls
her bodice is embroided with gold and Austrian crystals
she wears a delicate lace veil cascades from a gold filigree tiara ablaze with Austrian crystals
 she has a filigree gold and pearl pendant with a tear drop pearl with matching a set of earrings
she carries bouquet of ivory satin roses set in a gold lace and trimmed with gold organza ribbons
she stands 18 " Tall
description taken from image
Franklin  holiday 2001

Czarina Alexandra Imperial princess vinyl portrait
House of Faberge
Alexandra, Czarina of Russia
The daughter of Princess Alice of Hesse who was the second daughter of Queen Victoria
her parents, Prince Louis IV of Hesse-Darmstadt and Princess Alice
She married her child hood friend Prince Nicholas Romanov of Russia on 26 November 1894.
she wears slivery gown fully on the front embroided with metallic silver cotton
and piped with metallic silver cord her skirt is overlayed with panels at the front and lined
with silver satin her bodice is tailored and her sleeves are lined with white fur
her sparking pale gold organza veil is attached to a silver crown
she has a triple row pear choker and bears the royal sash with medal of honour
she stand 16 " Tall She is fully pose able
description taken from image
Franklin 2003 spring collection


Natalia Imperial Spring Bride 
house of Faberge
Grand Duchess Natalia Petrovna of Russia
was the youngest daughter of Peter the Great and his second wife Marta
know as Catherine the first  
A bridal masterpiece sculpted of fine porcelain and hand-painted to perfection
she wears a striking satin gown and bodice with her skirt pleated  with every second panel
embroided with gold filigree applied with hundreds of hand-sewn faux pearls and crystals
and trimmed in rows of pearls trimmed with
her beaded cathedral length veil is held by her golden tiara accented with faux pearls and crystals
and edged with gold lace
She wears a two elegant strands of pure white faux pearls with a gold tear drop pendant
with a set of earrings with tear drop pearls
She carries a spring bouquet lush with calla lilies and faux pearls that resemble lilies of the valley
she stands 18" tall
she is hall marked

KATYA summer bride
House of Faberge
Ekaterina Alekseyevna Dolgorukova
she was the second wife of Alexander 11  know as Catherine he called her Katya
They lived in the winter palace because of the intense disapproval from the Tsar's family
They adored each other untill his death March 1881
Another  bridal masterpiece sculpted of fine porcelain and hand-painted
she wears a satin charmuse gown with chiffon over skirt delicately lifted with jewelled
appliques her skirt and bodice are embroided with gold with white appliques on her skirt
and blue ,gold and white on her bodice she has chiffon sleeves and a ruffed collar
edged with gold and decorated with blue appliques her dress is finished with a
large double satin bow on her back
she wears cathedral length veil trimmed in gold and is held by her golden tiara
she carries a bouquet of white orchards with blue forget me nots
she stands 18" tall
description taken from image
Franklin Christmas 2003

Katharina holiday bride
Katharina in an elegant Russian winter wedding gown
This a holiday doll only
 I found  no reference to a member of the Romanov family
Franklin catalogue winter 2004
sculpted of fine porcelain and hand-painted with brown eyes and raven hair
she wears a gown and shawl of white velvet lined with satin
meticulously embroided with gold and adorned with red and coloured crystals
and applied with golden braid
she wears a full length lace veil edged with red crystals
she wears a golden crown adorned with rubys and pearls
and carries a red poinsettia bouquet adorned with gold beads and ribbon
she stands 18"
Franklin catalogue winter 2004

Princess Sofia Imperial Debutante
House of Faberge 2009
Sophia Alekseyevna ruled as regent of Russia during the early years of Peter the Great.
She a very capable courtier and politician 1682 to 1689.
There were a number of very strong women in Russian history One of these was Sophia
She is made of fine porcelain and hand painted
Sofia is wearing her magnificent chiffon and charmeuse gown in soft pink and
enhanced by more than 230 hand applied jewelled stones
Chiffon puffed sleeves, golden jacquard trim and a dramatic plunging neckline set off Sofia's
delicate face.  A sparkling tiara, nestled in her upswept chestnut locks,
crowned her stunning ensemble.  Her jewellery contains genuine Swarovski crystals and faux pearls.
 She holds a Faberge egg, a gift her parents gave to her on this occasion
which was the Debutante Ball
She stands16" tall

EKaterina Russian bride Vinyl Portrait Doll
Ekaterina Vorontsova-Dashkova
she is remembered as one of the first women in Europe to hold governmental office
 she introduce 18th century Russian culture to the west she was an outstanding figure
 who became a prominent Russian educator and a  a very close friend of  Catherine the Great.
Her “Memoirs” were first published in 1840 and remain in print today
 crafted in vinyl she is fully pose able she has blonde hair and green eyes
she wears a gorgeous gown of snow white satin with sparkling
 with hand applied crystals and seed pearls she has  a sumptuous
off the shoulder white fur stole. She wears an elegant veil, imperial jewels
 and a stuffing bouquet of Russian winter violets.
 She is the modern day daughter of the Romanov Dynasty
She stands  16" Tall
I was unable to date her

Stasya Romanov 2008

Set of three 3 vinyl portrait brides
one with blonde hair
 brunette and  red
Stasya Pearl of The Romanovs Bride Doll
The House of Faberge
Exquisitely crafted in life like vinyl
Silver flourishes and seed pearls adorn her fitted bodice above a luxurious taffeta skirt
edged with silver and pearls Delicately embroidered cap sleeves
to perfectly frame her faux pearl and crystal necklace
Her regal beauty is crowned with a sparkling silver tiara hand set with brilliant cubic zirconia
from which a delicate veil of lavish chiffon cascades
 Complete with an elegant imperial egg and pink rose bouquet
 She also has her something blue, a garter on her right let
 Her has beautiful cascading curls
She stand 16" tall

Empress Alexandra Imperial vinyl Portrait doll
Princess Czarina Alexandra
She is one of the hardest to find of all the Franklin Mint vinyl portrait dolls.
Discover the legendary beauty who won the heart of the Russian empire
Crafted of life-like vinyl and hand-painted to re-create the exceptional beauty of Empress Alexandra
Arrayed in a graceful gown of delicate satin re-created from her state portrait,
 She is absolutely gorgeous in her white satin gown elegantly adorned with soft pink embroidery trimmed with pearls
 She wears a gorgeous pearl with matching earrings. she has blue striking eyes
 she is completed with White high heels
she stands  16 inches Tall




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