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Franklin Mint Doll Collections Walt Disney's Fairy Tale

Franklin Mint brought to life a Walt  Disney Collection
Fully Authorised  Walt  Disney

These are Dolls are  porcelain  and only  15"Tall
with each doll having the Walt  Disney copyright
 stamped on the back dated 1991
Walt Disney's Cinderella
Cinderella is dressed like a dream in sparkle sky blue satin
lavishly embellished with silvery trimmed and bright diamond rhinestones
her dress still twinkles with the magic of the fairy god mother
everything has been authentically recreated down to her delicate hands
that holds the most celebrated slipper in all the land

Every detail based on the Walt Disney classic animated feature film
doll reader may 1991
Stand is included. The doll is 15"

Walt Disney's Prince Charming
Fine hand painted porcelain and regally dressed in shimmering satin with gold braiding and imperial red crepe He holds
a luxurious velvet pillow crowned by the enchanted glass slipper
Every detail based on the Walt Disney classic animated feature film.
Located on the back of the doll
 is the  Walt Disney copyright and says Cinderella Doll Premier Edition Maker Franklin Mint 1991
The doll is 15" tall

 Walt Disney's Cinderella Servant
Disney Cinderella 1st Edition Porcelain Servant
This doll is a Rare find  This doll is very large 22" tall
There is no information on this doll
she could have been a mistake as her size dose not fit
the collection 
only have images

Walt Disney's Fairy Godmother
This  porcelain doll designed for the Walt Disney company
inspired by the Walt Disney classic animated film Cinderella
This doll is a Rare find The information is from the images i found
Sculpted of fine bisque she has a comical face
 Cinderella’s jolly fairy godmother is
dressed in a mauve lined satin hooded cape with a big pink satin bow
her satin mauve skirt is covered with blue tulle 
She has white painted stockings with pink shoes
 She stands 16” tall.

 Walt Disney's Princess Aurora
Princess Aurora is a fictional character who appears in Walt Disney Pictures195916th animated feature film Sleeping Beauty
Sculpted of fine bisque porcelain and meticulously hand painted
 She wears a beautiful pink satin gown and comes with her
"golden" tiara crown and she holds a red cloth  rose  in her hand
Located on the back of the dolls
 is the  Walt Disney copyright and says Cinderella Doll Premier Edition MAKER: Franklin Mint 1993
 She Stands 15" tall

Walt Disney's Alice in Wonderland
This is the 1992 first edition doll for the Disney series
This doll is a Rare find
12" tall
only have images

Walt Disney's snow white
 beautiful  porcelain doll designed for the Walt Disney company
this doll is exquisitely sculptured and hand painted to authentically represent
the animated character in the Disney classic film
her radiant face glows against her raven hair her hand painted face
brings to life  her deep brown eyes high lighted by her red ribbon head band
her gown in shimmering sunshine yellow satin with royal blue
trimmed with gold braid her satin sleeves billow turquoise
inset with red satin her sun flower bows accent her painted shoes
she stand 14" tall
doll reader august 1993

Mary Poppins
Avery beautiful  porcelain doll designed for the Walt Disney company
this doll is exquisitely sculptured and hand painted to authentically represent
Julie Andrews in the Disney classic film
she is wearing  the jolly holiday outfit   made of white taffeta
covered in embroided lace with red ribbons bows on her dress
collar she carries a red and white satin parasol trimmed with white lace
finished with its unique bird shaped handle
she is hall marked
stands 14" tall
doll reader Jan 1993

Franklin Mint's Collection of
absolutely beautiful rendition of the timeless classic story of Cinderella
designed by Gerda Neubacher
her gown  is a vision of extravagance with billowing folds of pink satin
with gold lame lavishly trimmed with faux pearls and jewels
her crown is 24 ct gold plated her glass slipper is hand spun glass
she stands 19 "tall
doll reader jan 1988



Cinderella's Prince Charming

designed by Gerda Neubacher
Prince Charming is dressed in a suit of royal blue velvet, embellished with golden braid
He wears a golden satin shirt over his shoulders he has
a dashing blue damask cape of rich blue velvet trimmed with a golden fleur-de-lys.
He is crowned with a magnificent hat of blue velvet
and finished with golden tights and blue boots
he stands 20" tall
1994 ebay



Fair God  Mother
designed by Gerda Neubacher
This doll is Meticulously hand painted
her delicate colouring and features make her a pretty Fairy Godmother
she has blue eyes and luxurious long Blonde hair
she wears a White Satin Gown  covered with Lavender Satin
and covered with white Tulle with gold flecks
large Ruffles and Sparkling Gold Bows. 
 she has a regal collar of sparkling tulle  fanned
her Shoes are painted on in matching lavender
She holds a  golden wand is adorned with a sparkling faux amethyst
she stands 19" tall
she is hall marked F H D  1989 on her back
ebay research 

snow white
designed by Gerda Neubacher
This doll is Meticulously hand painted    
with an innocent blush to her cheeks rosy glow to her red lips
and a sparkle to her blue eyes
her gleaming black curls are tied back with a red satin bow
she wears a radiant sunshine yellow jacquard dress with
added royal blue satin flounces with jacquard blue and red trimmed
she wares a black corset laced in gold she has a blue satin cape
embroidered with gold thread her shoes are painted blue with a yellow bow
she holds a charmingly crafted hand painted porcelain apple
she stands 19 " tall
doll reader Nov 1989


sleeping beauty
designed by Gerda Neubacher
This doll is Meticulously hand painted with real eyelashes gracefully feathered
gloriously gowned in sky blue charmuse and chiffon her skirt has hand sewn
gold beads her satin top has a overlay of gold and white embroidered netting
trimmed with gold embroidered lace on her chest and cuffs and finished with
tiny white faux Pearls decorating her sleeves
she also wears a white slip & Bloomers with Painted on Shoes
she wears a gold Tiara highlighted with faux diamonds and crowned with a pearl
she sleeps on a royal blue satin  jacquard chaise
Legs on Sofa are removable
over all she is 20" long
doll reader march 1989

designed by Gerda Neubacher
Rapunzel's long silken hair which shimmers in golden waves is her crowning glory
she wears an exquisite gown of lavender satin trimmed with gold and faux pearls
over her gown is a rich velvet cloak lined with golden lame
 Meticulously hand painted with her cheeks blushed with the expression of anticipation
with radiant violet eyes
she has intricate braided purple and gold cord   woven through her hair as well as
long strands of faux pearls woven through her hair
she is crowned with a cap made of white satin embroidered with gold thread
trimmed with gold braid and pearls with a jewelled centre piece
she wears bloomers under her dress with hand painted lavender shoes
she stands 19" tall
doll reader May 1988






Cinderella After the Ball Happily Ever After
 by Kinuko Y. Craft
A magnificent porcelain portrait doll created with remarkable attention to detail
she wears a golden gown enhanced by a matching cape and over skirt
her gown of brocade, organza and lace and tiny silken rosebuds
 Upon her golden tresses sits an elaborate headpiece that suggests a delicate combination
of rosebuds crystals and pearls. Around her dainty neck and upon each wrist is a jewelry set
of matching bracelets and a choker. And, since no masquerade ball would be complete
without a mask she holds  a festive pumpkin face on a golden pole trimmed with pink and white
feathers And of course she wears sparkling glass slippers
 she stands 17" Tall
Franklin Catalogue Holiday 2001




 Feel the Passion of Cinderella
Designed by Bernice Mowry
As the clock strikes twelve and she flies down the steps
 she leaves one glass slipper behind  as desire ignites a young girls heart
This exquisite porcelain doll created with remarkable attention to detail
every feature has been hand painted including her glass slipper
She is dressed in a beautiful silvery blue gown with trails of lavender chiffon
embellished with small handmade rosebuds and sparkling Austrian crystals
she wears removable crystal shoes with a Tiara set with pearls and crystals
she only stands 15" tall
doll reader Jan 2000

Romeo and Juliet
Juliet vibrant and beautiful wearing a plush red velvet with a gold brocade insert
her sleeves  are puffed and banded as the were in the renaissance
her neckline reveals a lovely taffeta under gown with a golden braided cord tied around her waist
 The undergarments are of white cotton edged in lace
her hair plated and entwined with gold cord
 with a crown of gold and pearl  beads
Meticulously hand painted with beautiful brown eyes and rosy complexion
both dolls have been hand crafted in fine bisque porcelain in such a way
as to allow the "Lovers" to touch
Romeo a model of handsome young renaissance man
 has a fair complexion with pale blue eyes
he wears a luxuriant velvet  sleeveless doublet  embroidered with gold thread
and edged in gold with a hat in plum velvet trimmed in gold
he has a silken chemise shirt with gold braid at the wrist
black trousers with brown suede boots
Juliet    stands 16 " Tall
Romeo stands  18 " Tall
Doll Reader Nov 1988
As a bonus
A Beautiful Handmade Wooden  Arbour was made
to display the pair complete with imitation vines
draped over the arbour with a lovely Porcelain set of doves
and a Mandolin.

Doll Reader Nov 1988

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