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Franklinmint Doll Collections Queens of FairyTail

Franklin mint Regal collection
Queen of Hearts
Designed by Laine Gordon
She is crafted of fine hand-painted porcelain with vibrant blue eyes
her hair cascades like finely spun gold
she wears shimmering gown of red and blue satin
her bodice is white brocade accented with gold hearts and trimmed in gold braid
she wears a gold crown set with faux pearls
her dress is lined with blue satin and edged with gold braid
her slippers are pained red with adorned with hearts
she wears a pearl necklace with a ruby heart shaped pendant
she has a painted ruby heart shaped ring
and carries a gold royal sceptre topped with a ruby heart
she stands 22" Tall
Doll reader Sep 1989


Queen of Diamonds
designed by Laine Gordon
Sculpted in fine bisque porcelain and meticulously painted-by-hand
she has  dark raven hair cascade around her lovely face with vibrant green eyes
 Her magnificent costume is tailored and lavishly arrayed in  Jet Black Satin
 With a billowing overskirt of rich gold lame her dainty contoured bodice
is styled with beautiful diamond shapes decorated with dazzling pendants that reflect
her generous sleeves have with little gold beads sewn in a diamond pattern
She wears a golden diamond shaped crown set with shining rich jet black beads
  her golden sceptre showcases a diamond shaped mirror framed in golden filigree
embellished by 4 jet  black beads
description taken from image
she is hall marked 1990
she stands 22" tall

Snow Queen
designed by joyce reavey
she is crafted of fine hand-painted procelian
she wears a luxurious white satin gown trimmed with fine mesh
and silver piping her dress has rows of fine pearl that hang around
her waist with a ice drop crystal in the centre her cuffs are trimmed with silver lace
her spectacular cape is of stunning silver brocade is woven with
 silver thread and lined with silver lame and trimmed with white faux fur
she holds a mask adorned with pearls and silver thread and crowned with
white marabou feathers
description taken from image
she stands 22" tall
doll reader Jan 1990

Queen of the Masquerade ball
House of Faberag'e
No one knows who she is but her magnificent shows an air of nobility
she is crafted of fine hand-painted porcelain
she wears a shimmering rich golden brocade her black bodice is trimmed
with gold lace she wears a luxury golden sash around her waist
her sweeping cape of gold lame  is luxuriously lined with black chiffon
she wears opera length gloves made of tulle trimmed with gold lace
she has a 22kt gold necklace adorned with a jet black crystal
her mask of 22kt gold is adorned with amber rhinestones black tulle dotted with
crystals and trimmed with black feathers
description taken from image
she stands 22" tall
doll reader Dec 1991



             Queen of Swan Lake Odette of the Masquerade Ball
House of  Faberage 1990
The Enchanted Swan Queen" was inspired by the timeless story of Swan Lake
She is crafted of fine bisque porcelain with hand painted life like features
with stunning blue eyes she has honey blonde hair
crown with a sequin leaf  large white feathers
she is wearing a gown rich of ivory white satin she has an over lay
 of tulle woven with gold thread edged with scalloped gold lace and pearls
her shoulders are caped with sequin leaves and her neck line is
draped with golden beads her dress is trimmed with hundreds of feathers
her cape rich of ivory white satin is lined with metallic gold and edged with gold beads
her stunning mask of 22kt gold   is adorned with gold beads and white ostrich feathers
doll stands 22" tall
description  taken from image






The Princess and the Frog Prince" or "Princess Kiss"
Designed by Gerda Neubacher
 sculpted in fine hand-painted bisque porcelain with stunning green eyes
she is wearing a cream with gold brocade dress with a overlay
of shimmering crimson and purple satin trimmed with gold cord
In true Tudor style her dress is caped with purple satin lined in glittering gold lame
 her waist is adorned with a jewelled gold and pearl buckle
 she wears the princes 24kt gold plated crown while holding a green glass frog
e Bay research dates her 1991
she stands 19" tall
description taken from image

Princess Marigold
Designed by Gerda Neubacher
Princess Marigold is the daughter of the famous King Midas with the golden touch
she is crafted of fine porcelain and hand painted with a fair complexion and lavender eyes
She is dressed in a shimmering gown of sumptuous ivory satin 
overlayed with glittering tulle and opulent gold lame with cascades of golden leaves
 her bodice and sleeves are a glow of exquisite latticework of golden threads interlaced with
fine tulle and lustrous scallops of golden lace braid intertwined with pearls
 she is further enhanced by golden leaves in her lustrous dark hair
 She holds a delicate rose electroplated in gold  even her porcelain slippers are accented
with hand painted 24kt golden bows
She stands 19" tall
description taken from poster










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