Friday, 5 May 2017

Franklin mint Doll Collection First Ladies 1984 and 85

Martha Washington 1985

This doll is a Authentic recreation of America's First Lady
her dress  has be inspired by the actual gowns worn
This doll is hand Crafted in fine bisque porcelain with green eyes and grey hair
She is styled in the 18th century wearing a peach taffeta overskirt
with an underskirt of shimmering  of yellow satin with a pleated trim
her sleeves and petticoat are trimmed in fine white lace
she wares a authentic colonial cap of fine white cotton and lace
trimmed with a peach taffeta ribbon
she carries a charming fan made of silk with hand painted rose blossoms
She Stands 22" Tall
Description  taken from image
poster is dated is Dec 1985

Dolly Madison First Lady of America
This is the first in a new series of portrait dolls honouring America's early first ladies.
She is sculpted of fine bisque porcelain and meticulously painted by hand
with  lavender  grey eyes and raven hair
She is dressed in a beautifully replicated  costume of the late 18th century
she wears a burgundy brocade satin edged overdress trimmed with ivory lace
her under dress is antique white taffeta embriodered with burgundy rosettes
her sleeves are overlayed with a fine ivory laced  mesh and her cuffs are
finished with ribbons she wears a cotton petticoat trimmed with lace
with her shoes painted black
she wears a burgundy ribboned turban trimmed with feathers
complete with a gold necklace
 she is hall marked 1984
she stands 23" tall
Description  taken from image


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