Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Franklin mint Doll Collection Queens of Eygpt


 She is created in fine bisque porcelain her face is hand painted with aristocratic
features with high cheek bones and a aquiline nose her eyes are boldly
encircled with black just as they wore in ancient Egypt
Dramatically costumed  in vibrant regal colours she is wearing rich dark gold pleated
dress trimmed with gold braid and bright gold mantle with a beetle gold painted brooch
she wears a authentic chest plate crafted in metal exquisitely Painted and set with jewels
her head dress world renowned sculptured in metal and decorated with
hand painted tiles trimmed in gold and finished with a red ruby set on a golden asp
 she wears two decorative bracelets while she holds a 24kt gold Ankh
her sandals are painted in gold and red
description taken from image
she stands 22" Tall
Doll reader April 1989 





Based on the Elizabeth Taylor character in the 1963 Oscar winning film
She is created in fine bisque porcelain her face is hand painted her exquisite features
to highlight her expressive green eyes which are boldly shadowed with pearlescent
Aqua and deeply under lined with black  just as they wore in Ancient Egypt
This great queen is regally gown in  her skirt is full length royal blue satin
 embellished with 5 swirling cobras appliqued with golden braid  and trimmed in gold
Her bodice is a three piece snake skin vest joined with gold piping and braid and
Accented with a golden eagle
 her cape is pleated glistening gold lame with her shoulders capped with snake skin
trimmed  with royal blue satin and gold edging
 she wears a splendid necklace of painted sapphire beads with golden beaded droplets
 her raven hair is crowned with two elaborately painted rich Enamels and 22kt golden cobras
she carries in her hand a 22kt gold ancient musical instrument called a sistrum
 she wears two decorative bracelets one is of a pair of intertwining golden serpents
She stands 21" Tall
Premier Porcelain Collection
her poster is dated Feb 1991



Doll reader March 1992


 Second Release 1997
designed by Marsye Nicole




















































































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